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Taking it to the streets

  • June 7, 2022
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They’re seen everywhere by millions of people and offer tailored street level advertising to suit campaigns of any size and budget.

They’re also a legitimate and meaningful communications channel, visible by people in cars, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport and they cut through the noise of digital advertising.

Street posters are an in-your-face print medium that makes a huge impact on outdoor promotions and is often critical to a campaign’s success.

Rock Posters is Australia’s largest and most famous street poster network with offices and factories in Sydney and Melbourne. Their name belies the very broad reach that now supports and promotes the entertainment industry including music, theatre, comedy, art and cinema with the ever-expanding sport and fashion sectors.

Their sites are legally rented from developers and landlords, guaranteeing campaigns have sustained visibility and impact. Today, their services include a level of sophistication that enables proximity targeting, promotions based on traffic statistics, site listings and map coverage as well as electoral boundary planning for all levels of government.

Rock Posters was largely born from the need for record labels, musicians, comedians, promoters and producers to heighten awareness quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

GM Marcus Seal explains. It’s now over 35 years since we printed our first poster and the medium now thrives in an unrecognisable environment. It’s always been cost-effective, and it has always worked; if you have a limited budget, spend it where it works best.

A greener sustainable poster
More recently, Rock Posters has taken important steps to greening their operation and their offering by implementing solar energy, LED lighting and reduced chemical use, and introducing vegetable-based inks. They’re also an accredited Finsbury Green Star Rating print provider.

The main raw material used now is Australian made 100% recycled carbon neutral paper, which is Forest Stewardship Council certified and supports sustainable forestry with environmental, social and economic benefits. Most importantly, they have created a unique selling proposition in street posters and outdoor media. This has allowed us to adopt a leadership position in the outdoor advertising and appealed to several clients and well-known artists who are sustainability activists and will only advertise and promote their products and services using sustainable methods, says Seal.

Our product has specifically won us work with internationally renowned artists Billie Eilish, Jack Johnson, Midnight Oil and Paul Kelly. All these artists are notable leaders in contributing to cultural change and we believe their collective influence will help re-shape broader views and beliefs within the community.

Along the way other organisations such as Zoos Victoria, KeepCup, Launch Housing and the recycled sunglasses brand Szade have joined the chorus.

Recently, Rock Posters provided guidelines to Green Music Australia who are developing a soon to be released Green Artist Guide to educate musicians and artists on sustainable practices, including touring domestically and internationally, staging events and promoting theirproducts. Even more recently they have won the Sustainability Award at the City of Darebin Community Awards.

What’s most impressive is that print is at the heart of this highly successful and ever-growing marketing channel. Simple and very, very effective.


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