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Taking responsibility – Environmental

Our commitment to the environment has not wavered for more than 20 years. It defines who we are and what we deliver to our customers, and is something we challenge ourselves to be better at every year which is reflected in our ESG Report.

Carbon savings

We’re committed to continually achieving greater CO2 savings from our operations and supply partners year on year. We’re proud of this year’s achievement where we saved 4,540 tonnes of CO2, 16% more than the previous financial year.

This means that customers who produce with us have a smaller carbon footprint and impact on the environment. This saving is the equivalent of 658 average Australian households’ consumption for a year, or the CO2 abatement of 211,922 trees.

Supply partner accreditation

The Finsbury Green Environmental Rating (FGER) is an environmental evaluation protocol for our outsourcing supply panel. Suppliers are audited using the FGER, their CO2 footprint calculated and their star rating added to Sourceit, our sourcing software.

We actively promote positive environmental practices and the FGER process plays an important role in this initiative – it assists suppliers to implement better environmental practices, enables our customers to make buying decisions on more than just price and enables us to generate accurate CO2 reporting as customers require.


For us, reducing water consumption includes alcohol-free printing, process-free plates, on-site water tanks and staff education.

Zero waste

Reducing waste sent to landfill means less greenhouse gases from decomposing material going into the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. Greenhouse gases include CO2 and methane, which is 28 times more powerful than CO2 at warming the Earth. Recycling 100% of our wastepaper, cardboard, metals, plastic, glass, food scraps and timber means they are reused and not wasted.

Giving back – Social responsibility

People are at the centre of everything we do. Internally, we focus on engagement, safety, diversity and inclusion and a happy workplace for all. We strive for a great culture where people develop and share a common sense of community, so we attract, develop and retain the best people.

Our culture drives us to give back to the community through focusing on maximising both our own and our customers’ spend with social benefit suppliers, supporting our people to volunteer and broadly engaging in programs that make a difference to people’s lives.

Mental health

Finsbury Green’s commitment to a great workplace environment and mental health awareness continues to grow and in the next period we will:

  • Educate managers and supervisors regarding our obligations and potential nature of psychosocial hazards, so they are equipped to identify and manage factors in the workplace that may be contributing to employee work-related stress.
  • Update our onboarding and compliance training to ensure both new and current staff are versed in our policies, reporting and other preventative measures.
  • Implement an Employee Assistance Program (confidential counselling services).
  • Train Mental Health First Aid Officers and provide access to staff for an additional avenue of support outside of direct line management.

Our Wellness Day, which provides staff with an annual day of leave to focus on their wellbeing, continues to gain momentum and deliver benefits.

Social procurement

Social procurement is important as it can make a tangible difference in many people’s lives. With social procurement, organisations make a conscious choice to use their buying power to purchase goods or services from suppliers that deliver social benefit outcomes above and beyond the value of the items being purchased.

Our supply chain is social procurement ready, and we are committed to helping our customers meet their targets through an ever-increasing supply chain.

Internally, we are committed to doubling the spend with our supply chain and a 10% year-on-year increase in our corporate spend from our 2021 baseline.

Finsbury Green Social Rating

The Finsbury Green Social Rating (FGSR) is an evaluation protocol for our outsourcing supply panel that benchmarks their social impact performance. It identifies the best of the best and also serves as a guide for suppliers that wish to start on the journey towards improved social outcomes.

We actively promote positive social practices and the FGSR process plays an important role in this initiative – it ensures that our supply panel is aligned to government and corporate procurement policies, and enables our customers to make buying decisions on more than just price and to meet their social procurement targets.

Diversity and inclusion

To be a great workplace we need a culture that embraces and respects diversity and an environment where it is safe to do so – one where our people can be themselves, feel safe, accepted, motivated and empowered to be their best.

Future Stars Program

Our Future Stars Program is built on a range of strategies and actions including talent identification and development, training pathways, recruitment diversity and succession planning. This ensures our leaders concentrate on talent development and succession planning because it will give us a strategic advantage in an industry currently short on talent.

Taking action – Governance

Governance is a key part of our commitment to a successful business. Our Executive Leadership Team regularly reviews governance policies and practices to confirm that they remain appropriate and relevant.

Our policies

Workplace policies reinforce and clarify standard operating procedures in a workplace. These policies also help employees understand what is expected of them and of Finsbury Green and also helps employers manage staff more effectively as expectations are clearly defined.

International Standards Organisation governance

Management reviews are required to evaluate the continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality management system. Conducted annually, they facilitate a comprehensive review and help us continually make improvements to our process effectiveness and governance.


Certifications, participation in global programs and industry bodies are an integral part of good corporate governance as they support our efforts to establish and maintain responsible and ethical business practices. They help us promote these practices in our supply chains, manage risk, enhance our reputation and contribute to a more responsible and transparent global business environment.

Print partner to the RSPCA.

Finsbury Green is a Founding Partner of CARBON NEUTRAL ADELAIDE.

Finsbury Green’s Sourcing Procurement Policy can be found here.

Our Modern Slavery Act Statement can be found here.


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