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We provide carbon-neutral, direct and transactional mail solutions in one secure location.

Here’s how we can make your mailing needs easier.

Data management
Our skilled analysts use industry-leading methodology to add significant value to data at the start of a project. This involves merging, processing, validating and manipulating multiple data streams with reformatting, reconciliation and reporting.

Optimising data for mailing and applying Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) barcodes ensures the maximum postage discounts are achieved.

Pre-sort letters
Pre-sort letters are the most cost-effective way to send fully addressed mail. Discount postage rates apply when sending more than 300 machine-addressed items, so having mail barcoded and sorted saves processing time and money.

Print Post
Print Post is essential for sending magazines or catalogues, because it saves money by pre-sorting and lodging mail for local delivery. Items can include inserts in envelopes or poly-wrap with a fly sheet for advertising and special offers.

Non-personalised addressed mail to specific postcodes or Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1).

A free Post Office box to receive mail and receive a rebate on every stamped entry sent to the box.

The lowest cost delivery service for reaching consumers without having their details.

Reply Paid
Free for customers to reply to communications and only pay for the articles received back.

For significant postage discounts.

Transactional mail
For statements, invoices and campaigns we can personalise what each customer receives with our intelligent barcoding systems. Our data service provides a 99% match to the database ensuring the right person receives the right information.

Integrated campaigns
Integrate traditional mail with dynamic, personalised, multichannel eDM’s and SMS’s with customers that deliver real results. Grow and expand your customer intelligence with each campaign, generating new income sources, drive profits and achieve sustainable growth. Find out how.

Envelopes and poly wrapping
We produce direct-mail envelopes using the latest digital print technology with variable and personal data and images. Our cost-effective high speed poly wrap for catalogues and magazines makes for a professional finish with impact. Ask us about our degradable poly wrap option.

Online billing
Finsbury Green is BPAY View enabled, connecting organisations who send bills and statements, to use electronic and paper invoices to their customers. Our partner Payreq provides an on-ramp for billers enabling online billing, delivery, reminders to pay and storage via the security of online banking.

View Insights article and how works video.

Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner
Finsbury Green is Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner accredited which recognises our commitment to providing efficient mail campaigns for our customers.

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Direct and transactional mail solutions.

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