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We’ll identify the right approach for your digital campaign, perfectly synchronised across all channels.

Here’s how we can transform your customer’s experience.

Personalised campaign
Aim, our multichannel technology, can craft individual experiences that speak directly to each person without sending any information that isn’t applicable. Personalising electronic direct mail (eDMs), websites and SMS generate up to three times greater results than traditional direct mail with open rates up to 40% on eDMs and 98% on SMS*.

eDMs guarantee your message arrives in your customers Inbox, not their Junk Mail. We send your customers’ a customised email based on your business rules, with specific triggers so we can track and report back to you.

Personalised websites (PURLs)
Take your customers on a journey to show them what you can offer using a PURL, including images, graphics, animation and video. Reveal and change content based on the demographic and previous interactions or purchases. Use your existing data to drive sales retention by showing offers that are appropriate for their specific situation.

Integrate SMS delivery with tracking and reporting.

Data quality
Leverage your direct mail or CRM database and grow the quality, accuracy and effectiveness of the data. A personalised campaign can capture new information that helps you understand which messages are making your customers respond as well as updating their contact details.

Demystify the process
We understand your attachment to your brand and make sure that it will never be compromised. Enjoy the confidence of working with experts allowing us to demystify our technology and process. We’ll guide you through the process using our visualisation planning tools to get the most from your campaign. Your creative team can design it, then we’ll build it, execute it and host it.

Multichannel is much more than saving on postage and printing. It is about delivering a return on investment that maximises results by transforming your customer’s experience and getting more relevant information to them. Make life easier for your staff by reducing call centre activity and general communication issues.

Reporting and analytics
Using analytics, we deliver the reporting that validates the results and reveal what makes your customers tick. We track and report on all interactions including delivery, open rates and who visited each web page.

Our e-publishing solution editions, creates stunning digital editions from your existing publications, such as magazines, catalogues, manuals and brochures.
Reach a wider audience by viewing the same content on the web, tablet or mobile. Engage your audience by bringing pages to life using image galleries, attachments, movies and audio.
Prepare highly engaging reading experiences that look and feel like a real book but with much more depth.

More about creating your own digital publication.

*Finsbury Green’s actual results.



img-mailing-widgetOur e-publishing solution editions, creates stunning digital editions from your existing publications.

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