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Kinder Kit Surprise

  • May 3, 2022
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Tens of thousands of children across Victoria starting three-year-old kinder in 2022 and beyond will receive a free Kinder Kit from the government with fun educational books and resources for the whole family.

The kits are designed to encourage continued learning at home, helping parents support their children to thrive in their first year of kinder with activities to develop language and social skills, and express emotions and creativity.

The illustrated Kinder Kit carrycase is made from recycled materials designed and built for long-term use and the kits include crayons, playdough, animal magnets and flip cards but most importantly, children receive two great books by Australian authors from the following list:

My People by Eddie Betts, Windows by Patrick Guest, Tell ’Em! by Rosemary Sullivan and Katrina Germein, Where does a giraffe go to bed? by Craig MacLean, A to Z Story of Australian Animals by Sally Morgan and My Dog Bigsy by Alison Lester.

All Kinder Kit suppliers are Australian businesses, with nearly 70% of the total Kinder Kit expenditure invested in Victoria, supporting local economic recovery and employment following
the pandemic with more than 300 Victorians involved with the delivery of the kits.

The best start
It’s significant the government has chosen to include books as a large component of the kit.

As highlighted in a recent LOOK article, books are better when they read from print, books are better for young people’s educational outcomes when it comes to comprehension, concentration and critical thinking, and perform better when they read from print rather than digital devices.

Giving Victorian children the best start in their education while supporting local businesses with these engaging Kinder Kits is a wonderful celebration of this landmark reform, helping families and children connect at home with their learning.

My People by Eddie Betts
Eddie Betts is one of a kind and a fully qualified AFL legend, a proud Aboriginal Australian, respected leader and positive role model.

We’ve all witnessed how Eddie treats others on and off the field and heard about how he wants to be treated. He believes we are all capable of kindness and the kindlier we act the better our world will be. Importantly, he is also at the forefront of engaging directly with kids and telling his story.

The Eddie’s Lil’ Homies series of educational books and products is helping kids understand acceptance and equality to make reading fun with rap or rhyme. It’s all about the power and positivity we can create when people come together.

These hard case bound books are produced carbon neutral by Finsbury Green along with a custom-made tag developed by our promotional products team in conjunction with Eddie and wife Anna. https://eddieslilhomies.com/collections/shop


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