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Our print management solutions offer your business the most flexible options in the market today.

Here’s how you can select a solution that best fits your print management needs using our software as an enabler.

Our sourcing software for all marketing related products or services is the key to all our print management solutions. It’s one application that combines the request for quote, bid and job management process.

Sourceit simplifies and standardises the entire sourcing workflow with unprecedented transparency and ease of use. It reduces costs by creating contestability through the supply chain and gives complete visibility of all communication, pricing and responses from suppliers. Importantly it increases productivity through automation and alerts for users.

Managed solutions
Our print management solutions are designed by you to meet your needs. You choose any of the managed services we offer, be it sourcing, supply chain or finance management.

This fresh new approach to customised services is entirely unique to Finsbury Green, providing the ultimate solution for you business.

Sourcing management
We embed our people into your business, whether that is on-site, near-site or off-site.  They bring proven procurement and job management principles, resulting in efficiencies that reduce operating costs, procurement costs and the cost of goods purchased – the total cost of ownership.

Using our people allows our customers to focus on what’s important to them.

Supply chain management
Supply chain management expertise is critical to a successful print management solution. That’s why we will build a bespoke supply chain that’s specific to your needs and 100% visible at all times. Existing suppliers can be invited to continue on your panel if in fact they are not already on our supply chain. Our supply chain currently covers 22 categories across Australia and overseas.

Finance management
We’ll reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by removing the transactional activity within your own accounts department eliminating errors, duplication and inefficiencies by taking care of all account receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) disbursements.

Self-managed solution
Using our technology, we can also provide the knowledge to help you take full responsibility for sourcing and managing the category. We’ll give you complete control and visibility of your sourcing activities and the freedom for everyone to function the way they want.

Find out about our Social Procurement initiatives.


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