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Our technology will take the headaches and costs out of delivering your time critical campaigns.

Here’s how you can centralise campaign data for store marketing collateral and media site information, and take advantage of automation.

How campaigns happen
Launch, our campaign software, is the single source of truth that automates processes and eliminates annoying and inefficient spread sheets!

Be better at your job
Launch allows users to process high volumes of entries with the ability for multiple users to work simultaneously on single and multiple campaigns.

Personal productivity and accountability increases with automated milestones and alerts, calculation of production quantities and dispatch schedules.

It tracks the progress of a campaign against milestones in real time. For example, campaign data entry close off, artwork upload, dispatch schedule generation, supplier delivery, fulfilment, dispatch and in-store based on the campaign go live date.

Make your life easier with automation
Marketing campaigns products codes, product quantities and costs are all automated based on the distribution profile and dispatch schedules, while referring to agreed fixed rate cards.

Campaign details are validated against customer specific business rules.

Address lists are imported from third party software.

In store planogramming software can be integrated.

Media creative artwork is automated based on the site location size and substrate.

Reduce costs
Allow concurrent user access to data, removing data duplication, eliminating errors and automating processes.

Execute demanding campaigns
At Finsbury Green, we work with a wide-ranging group of customers with very demanding needs and help make their campaigns happen with ease.


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