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The Finsbury Green Environmental Rating is here!

February 13, 2024

The Finsbury Green Environmental Rating (FGER) is replacing the Finsbury Green Star Rating and it’s time to start the accreditation process!

Why are we making this change?
For more than a decade, the Finsbury Green Star Rating has been an industry leading protocol for promoting sustainable practice through our Sourceit supply partners. The rating provides our customers with the ability to select suppliers based on their environmental credentials.

As environmental impacts, measures and solutions change, so does the need for us to update the way in which our rating system works so it’s relevant and reflects current science.

What’s changing?
First, there’s a new name. The Finsbury Green Environmental Rating which we believe better reflects the intent of this rating’s purpose.

This rating is now done in the Supplier Portal (launched in early 2023) which makes it easier for you to access, complete and update questionnaires at any time.

Additionally, questions have changed and some of the science behind the calculations has been updated.

Finally, the supply partner categories that need to complete the FGER has also been updated and now cover all printed related activities including offset and digital print, mail and signage.

What’s staying the same?
You will still be given a star rating (out of 5) and new carbon footprint figures based on the updated calculations.

As it is today, your rating will be recorded in Sourceit – remember the better your score the higher you are promoted up the recommended supplier list.

Finally, it’s important to understand that this updated version of the FGER system has been reviewed by independent industry experts and continues to provide an open and transparent environmental rating and relevant highlighting on areas for improvement.

What happens next?
Start by reading the guide to the FGER which is available here.

This document explains the process and outlines the data and paperwork that you need to gather before starting so you can easily and quickly complete the questionnaire.

Once completed, your submission will be reviewed and validated, after which you will then receive a summary report for your reference.

Important dates

  1. You have until June 28 to complete the new rating.
  2. Your current FGSR rating will remain visible and effective until this date.
  3. On July 1, your new FGER rating will replace your old FGER rating

Remember, customers and buyers use the FGER rating to select suppliers, so it is in your best interest to complete the rating within the deadline of June 28.

Failure to do so will result in a default rating of zero and may impact opportunities you are given.

More information
A guide to the FGER is available here and we recommend you read this document before starting the process.

Completion of this rating for Victorian Government only suppliers is optional, however we strongly encourage you to complete the rating as more and more customers are making purchasing choices based on environmental criteria. Otherwise, if you provide print related activities including offset and digital print, mail and signage, completion of this rating is mandatory.

If you have any questions or require support, we’re here to help so contact us at supplychainmanagement@finsbury.com.au.


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