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We believe that every business must take responsibility for the economic, social and environmental impacts of their policies, practices and decision making.

That’s why we actively promote sustainable practice right through our supply chain and provide our clients with the ability to select suppliers based on their environmental credentials.

This means that our supply partners are independently audited, using the Finsbury Green Star Rating system. By completing an online questionnaire, they are star rated and their CO2 footprint is calculated.

It is independently audited and validated by current environmental science sourced from the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, National Greenhouse Accounts Factors 2013, and the National Carbon Offset Standard 2010.

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The current version of the Finsbury Green Star Rating system has been reviewed by an independent panel of industry experts and science professionals and provides an open and transparent environmental rating for offset and digital printers, and as a consequence highlights areas for improvement.

Because of our sustainability efforts, clients can be absolutely reassured of the validity and accuracy of their supply chain.

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