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Our core values and principles are strongly ingrained in our culture and are reflected in many ways.

Health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our employees is integral to our aspiration as an employer of choice and is consistent with the way we value the potential of each and every person. Our workplace provides many opportunities to promote a health-positive workplace through a range of simple programs that integrate with the other dimensions of the company.

Work Health Safety

Work heath safety (WHS) is a high priority for good performance. Our WHS Policy is based on our company values, business and human resource strategies and conforming to legislation. A Safety and Sustainability Group oversees all our sites and includes staff members representing all departments and senior management.

Community service

We take community service seriously and support many activities across a range of causes in ways that make a positive difference. Our staff seek out volunteer opportunities in the community and each of them is allowed 24 paid hours a year to work with charitable organisations of their choice.

Fair Trade

We are committed to supplying print and related services that have been safely and ethically manufactured or sourced and reserve the right to decline to trade with suppliers that do not demonstrate this commitment. Having a Fair Trade Policy is a part of our commitment to sustainability which offers choice to our clients and staff, and creates an opportunity to communicate the company’s core values.

Inclusiveness and diversity

Our aims and commitment to staff are encapsulated in the Greater Family program which promotes activities throughout the company, as well as honouring the role of the family in their private and working lives.

Finsbury Green Seed

Finsbury Green Seed reports on all pro bono work, donations and sponsorships with either direct involvement or by association. This initiative enables an accurate account of where Finsbury Green donated time and money, consequently providing a platform for improved planning and philanthropic type works.

Organisations and causes we support

Finsbury Green is a Founding Partner of CARBON NEUTRAL ADELAIDE.

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