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Finsbury Green is an independently audited carbon neutral print and mail service provider.*

By printing with us the environment benefits by you reducing your carbon footprint.

We actively pursue a policy of alleviating environmental impacts by adopting green technologies, eco-advantaged products and processes, and have been responsible for industry pioneering environmental practice since 2002. To help clients make informed decisions, CO2 savings are listed on our print and mail quotations.

Our Sustainability Report 2019 is available here.

* We measure, monitor and proactively reduce our emissions from our entire operation, then offset the balance which is approved under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) – supplied and managed by the South Pole (southpole.com/sp-australia) and reported in our annually published Sustainability Report.

Computer to plate (CtP)
We use developer-free technology CtP systems, reducing the need for chemistry and water from the platemaking process.

Vegetable-based ink
Traditional mineral solvent based inks contribute to ever growing greenhouse gas emissions. 97% of all inks and varnishes we use are vegetable based with the key ingredients made from soy and linseed oil. Low waste pumping systems deliver ink to presses, reducing waste and maximising efficiency.

Alcohol-free printing
Isopropyl alcohol used in fountain solutions is another source of greenhouse gas emissions and is the unpleasant odour in many printing plants. We are 100% alcohol free and one of the first printers in Australia to effect such a change.

Chemical reduction
Our chemical and solvent usage is very low compared to most, resulting in consistently low factory-to-air emission readings. An environmentally sound chemical recovery system filters and recycles used wash-up solution from presses.

Waste management
We separate a large range of materials for recycling or reuse, resulting in only a small amount sent to landfill.

Water and energy
Finsbury Green proactively reduces consumption throughout the whole operation and undertakes many initiatives including power factor correction, voltage optimisation and lighting designed for low power usage.

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