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When less is more

The Victorian Government benefits from the increased value Finsbury Green delivers in print and associated services.

Here’s how we’ve helped them be successful.

  • Reduced the government’s buying costs.
  • Reduced time and effort for our staff and government resources.
  • Reduced the environmental impact through the supply chain.

Seven years ago we took on a huge and challenging contract and because our approach is clever and we use awesome software, we’ve delivered a model that has become the new standard for print management contracts. This success has led to three other state governments also awarding us print management contracts.

Reduced buying costs

Sourceit, our sourcing software has driven greater transparency and contestability.

Sourceit disrupts the comfort of existing supplier relationships by providing contestability, delivering cost savings and real value for money that all governments require.


There’s no better example of Finsbury Green’s vision and innovation than the development of our market-leading technology Sourceit in 2010, launched globally in 2016.

This technology has been instrumental in driving more open, transparent and customer-focused solutions in the Australian print management market.

It ensures users, suppliers and customers have access to all information required to complete the bid process and manage jobs and inventory transactions through a single online application.

Reduced effort and resources

Paul Towsey, our Victorian Government Sales Director, leads a team who manage eight government departments and 25 agencies.

Paul says the key deliverables for this contract include sourcing, project management and reporting which are all handled by Sourceit.

Sourceit helps us process hundreds of transactions each month while making all the right decisions at the right time. We also need to maximise our staffs’ productivity so they can have more conversations with our customers. Sourceit does this for us by automating the dull stuff and being really easy to use.

Let’s not forget the government users of Sourceit who order products as well. The ease of use and simplicity makes them more productive too.

Reduced environmental impact

We are the leaders in print sustainability!

Together with the Victorian Government we have been able to reduce the carbon emissions created through print by 405 tonnes in FY18 alone.

We’ve done this through a combination of technology and education. Using Sourceit, supplier selection can be based on price, performance and environmental ratings.

We’ve educated suppliers on how to implement better environmental practice and empowered customers with the ability to select suppliers on more than just price. Some departments now only deal with suppliers with a minimum environmental rating.

What’s next?

We want to be the leaders in social procurement!

Our ethos demands that we continue to add social enterprises to our supply chain, having already provided the ability for users to select them in Sourceit, which will help build a fair, inclusive and sustainable Victoria through procurement.

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