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Time for a cool change

Sometimes there are synergies between a customer and supplier that are not obvious at first sight. It’s like choosing an energy efficient climate control solution. You buy it to keep cool, but then you realise it not only helps the environment, it saves money, because it costs less to run.

It sounds very familiar to us at Finsbury Green as climate control is not unlike climate change – something we are very hot on.

This is a story of how Seeley International, a globally renowned air conditioning manufacturer, consolidated their print and marketing procurement by coupling with Australia’s famous sustainable print and managed services provider to reduce costs, increase speed to market and raise the bar on quality standards.

Before and after

Seeley’s marketing department was sourcing three quotes for their print and related services in an exhausting process that actually wasted their time and cost them money. The cheapest price didn’t guarantee the best quality or even a reliable delivery date. Both these issues often cost Seeley speed to market and the precious time for their marketing collateral to do its job of supporting dealers to inform and sell products.

Seeley now uses many of Finsbury Green’s products to help them operate effectively in a number of areas, including digital and offset print, mailing, warehousing and distribution, branded merchandise, signage and even conference organising.

Jayne Osborne, Seeley’s Marketing Services Manager said: Now we know what the price of each item is before we launch into our two major campaigns each year because it is all rate carded. Predictability has lots of advantages. It’s made life so much easier for our marketing team by consolidating procurement, standardising, delivering reliable quality and fulfilment, saving us time, reducing costs and raising the bar on our collateral. It has meant that we are more productive and can get on with more important things.

With printed point of sale items, flyers, direct mail pieces, booklets and brochures from 16 to 60 pages, the collateral needs to communicate a high standard of product that’s consistent with the brand and looks part of the one family.

Seasonal campaigns

Last summer’s campaign was dedicated to the revolutionary new Climate Wizard (CW3) rooftop indirect evaporative cooler for the home. Chilled cold air and fresh air are pumped through the home simultaneously for the first time. It’s unique and saves a staggering 50% on energy costs over a reverse cycle system.

Because Seeley wanted to ‘wow’ their 300 Australian dealers, our account manager collated and presented to the marketing team spectacular samples of what we’d done previously and what different effects could be achieved.

The result was the striking digitally printed, landscape format CW3 brochure with spot varnish, plasticote and stunning black and blue cover, produced in an incredibly tight deadline.

Osborne continues: Throughout the process, there was a lot of care and attention on this critical brochure. It’s gorgeous; the jewel in the crown. Everyone still asks for a copy. Our old process wouldn’t have had this level of collaboration. This is the advantage of a good relationship with Finsbury Green’s Account Manager who understands our business and works very hard on the outcome.

Online ordering

By Seeley’s own admission they are not well equipped to warehouse and fulfil marketing collateral; after all their focus is on air conditioners and parts.

So we initiated an online ordering system using Sourceit Catalogue to warehouse and distribute Seeley’s marketing collateral to its dealers; this worked particularly well with its regional dealers. The first campaign distribution went to 1,010 delivery points, executed on time without any hitches, and reduced costs by 30%.

Finsbury Green removes any pain points and has made our process easier and far more predictable! – Jayne Osborne

Direct mail

More straightforward is Seeley’s direct mail activities. A recent project involved trialling a new DM piece to measure which ‘call to action’ worked best using 11 different formats. It was an exclusive offer for owners of older air conditioners. Typically many had no email addresses back then or had moved since, so the new householder received a special offer to upgrade. The take-up and feedback from recipients is now helping greatly to clean up 20 year old data for future mailers.

Before every summer and winter Seeley mails a reminder with special offers to initiate routine maintenance. They have found personalisation works best, because it stays in the household, has a great ‘call to action’ and better cut through. Email does not work in this environment.

It’s just so great to have a single supplier for direct mail too. Data sorting, printing and personalisation, collating and mailing can all be done very quickly, Osborne said.

Branded merchandise

Recently, a branded merchandise standout piece was provided for an urgent safety campaign that included a drink bottle and USB. The turnaround and quality of the products was outstanding according to Osborne. Their past experience had been that in this space a cheap quote delivered a cheap product, but ours were far superior.

Twelve months into the contract and the collaboration has unquestionably improved Seeley’s efficiency and reduced costs, although it’s still difficult to quantify because they have achieved so much more.

The final word from Jayne: Finsbury Green ticks all the boxes with their product offering, and their process from A–Z is so streamlined. So much so that it has enhanced our marketing execution. It’s also comforting to know that we are associated with a printed carbon neutral product and famous sustainability leader. That’s very important.


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