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The origins of a famous partnership

In today’s digital world, print sits alongside many other communication methods. So in a changed and changing world, what’s behind the success of the relationship between Origin Energy and Finsbury Green?

The print management and marketing services landscape looked different six years ago when Finsbury Green was appointed print and marketing services manager for print, inventory, on-demand products and branded merchandise for Origin Energy.

The introduction of market-leading technology and a new transparent print management model at that time was the start of a famous partnership that remains highly relevant today.

The beginnings

Back in 2012 when Finsbury Green was appointed Origin’s objective was to consolidate and streamline its sourcing, and it was expected that the process would deliver significant savings – which it did in large amounts!

Our best practice solution delivered all the attributes required to fulfil Origin’s objectives, including innovative solutions, advanced technology, cost reductions and print management specialists who would guide the implementation and ongoing deliverables.

We worked under a six-week, fast-tracked implementation with only a few weeks notice. The complex transition included moving more than 400 stock units from a Queensland warehouse to our Victorian site, building a catalogue of inventory and on-demand products and training Origin staff across Australia in how to order. But despite the limited lead time our new customer’s go-live date was achieved.

Integrated in the implementation was the introduction of our market-leading proprietary software technology Sourceit, combining sourcing in Market by Finsbury Green’s Account Managers, ordering from a catalogue of inventory or on-demand products or approved artwork by Origin staff.

The power and promise of Sourceit, the one application for all these functions, was evident right from the start – Ryan Bulaon

Sourceit is a comprehensive and powerful tool that’s a key differentiator to print and managed services. All three modules simplify and standardise the entire sourcing workflow with unprecedented transparency and ease of use.

In 2012 this was an emerging model that has since become the standard for managed services contracts in Australia because it provides flexibility, transparency, compliance and reduced risk. It delivers increased productivity, efficiency and a reduction in the total cost of ownership.

The now
Since then, Finsbury Green has rationalised Origin Energy’s products by 30%, substantially reducing its inventory stock holding, driven smarter procurement processes and continued to positively influence and deliver on Origin’s objectives.

Ryan Bulaon, Category Manager at Origin Energy, says: We’re moving to a world that’s less reliant on print as different communication channels have become a greater focus with all companies, not just Origin.

As a result, the typical legacy print management fee model was no longer working for us. Rather than continue to pursue a model that was going to become a commercially unsustainable option for us, Finsbury Green worked with us on a new model.

The understanding

Yes we’re a big company, but the bottom line is always something that we need to manage well. As a procurement person, some of that responsibility is on me. So to begin to find a new print management model it became evident that it was about more than just budgets, it was about understanding.

If you can enter a relationship with strong trust between both parties, that is the key. It was about being clear in understanding not just what we want, but what Finsbury Green needed as well. It’s not a one-way street. At the end, it has to be fair and sustainable and I think we have a fair and sustainable relationship.

For Finsbury Green Account Director Phil Bramston, this reciprocal understanding is indeed key to the long-standing relationship.

One of the main reasons any partnership is successful is truly understanding the needs of the customer. I know it sounds boring but we’re in tune with this and have acted accordingly. We’ve focused on streamlining and changing the way we procure things for Origin.

For instance, using Fulfilment IQ, a consolidation of our analytics and intellectual property. Using this process we determined what inventory products should transfer to on-demand, because inventory should leverage volume and fewer orders, less frequently. Whereas on-demand products translate to more orders, more frequently and in the process reduce warehouse costs.

Our Fulfilment IQ analytics ensure that customers take the absolute optimum approach to product ordering.

Aspects like that have been an obvious benefit. Origin’s business has changed dramatically, so it was important for us to adapt.

Being flexible has saved Origin in above the line costs, by including a no minimum spend requirement which maintained business continuity and eliminated any risk.

The why

Origin Energy’s Ryan Bulaon says: For us this relationship sets Finsbury Green apart from all the rest. They have really strong account management and a wide-ranging, well-managed supply chain. Being an Australia-wide business, they can always achieve Origin’s needs regardless of timeframes.

Finsbury Green, its services and technology is as relevant today as when we joined forces in 2012. Along the way we have worked on many solutions together and that is why this is a great partnership.

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