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Campaign project management meets local area marketing

Finsbury Green took up the challenge to work with Optus to solve identified print management and marketing execution issues.

Here’s how we’ve done it in reality.

  • Increased productivity with software automation.
  • Reduced time, effort and costs.

The story is simple. Amazingly sophisticated technology has created opportunities for new processes, achieving both ‘hard’ financial benefits and ‘soft’ human rewards; something Finsbury Green is famous for.

The benefits streamline processes, increase accuracy, reduce admin, improve productivity, brand consistency and boost staff morale.

Increased productivity with software automation

Using Launch, Finsbury Green’s campaign project management software, multiple stakeholders can be simultaneously involved in campaign management activities using the same real-time information. Launch replaced old-school methods of multiple spreadsheets across staff in 12 agencies and several Optus business units.

Take retail windows for example. Because each store footprint is different, the installation of a full block-out wall or transparent window can apply across 26 types of creative.

Launch captures this data for every one of the 400 retail stores nationally and controls it all from the estimate and creative through to store roll out, including a quick view of each location based on their type and prioritisation.

This guarantees roll outs are very accurate. It eliminates stress, delays and human error, reduces effort in estimating and activation and has seen real cost savings

We call Launch the ‘single source of truth’ for store marketing collateral.

Using Shout, Finsbury Green’s local area marketing portal, retail stores can tailor artwork and produce predefined marketing items locally that are accurate for colour, brand, imagery and tone.

It’s very user friendly. Stores can choose print items, such as brochures and pull-up banners, through to marketing brief forms to place ads locally. Print items appear as an image with variations and different prepopulated information. Predefined fields are completed with local store or sales contact details.

There are even social media packs with content that can be posted online and examples of how to use them, including scripts to create local radio ads and video content.

Shout covers absolutely everything to do with local area marketing.

Automating artwork is another example of Finsbury Green and Optus collaborating and going to the next level of sophistication.

Morph, Finsbury Green’s robotic process automation technology, takes artwork and transforms it into the right configuration, accurately, consistently and efficiently.

In this instance Morph creates hundreds of individual customised pieces of artwork from predefined templates in seconds, like all the price tickets and prepaid templates you see on phone displays in stores.

Reduced time, effort and costs

Every piece of technology Finsbury Green and Optus have initiated has allowed extra development around localisation and cost reduction.

These integrated platforms replace many older tools and with it all the potential for errors and wasted time, to manage their collateral easily, cost effectively and without risk.

Launch and Shout have been such a success that Optus is considering other opportunities to use them in other environments to deliver consistency right across the business.

Improved employee sentiment is a barometer of how much easier and effective Finsbury Green’s technology has made their lives.

Working with Optus we are ecstatic that our technology and processes have unshackled campaign managers from data entry, accelerating local store marketing and automating time consuming tasks, giving staff more time to listen to what their customers want – the Optus creed.

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