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Party with Usain brings the campaign to life

To crown the highly successful campaign that saw Optus partnering with Usain Bolt, Finsbury Green was tasked by Optus to facilitate and manage the speedster’s visit to Optus’s Sydney Campus followed that night by the 2017 Party with Usain at Circular Quay’s Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Ben Shaw, Finsbury Green PMU Director at Optus takes up the story: These were two very large events that brought the Usain Bolt campaign to life.

Having Usain at head office for the day was absolutely huge. He talked about what it takes to win, the effort, the self-belief and how he applied himself to be a winner. It motivated everyone so much and unified the sporting and business aspects of winning. It aligned perfectly with the Usain Bolt campaign sharing its success with all 6,000 staff on-site.

Finsbury Green managed and executed the campus activation for the daytime event following on from the Usain campaign including flags, banners, signage and way finders. We had a month to plan about 40 items that changed many times, which added to the challenge.

For the evening event, we needed to work with the Overseas Passenger Terminal around their parameters on-site and with all key participants including the Optus marketing team, security, facilities management, the star himself and many other agencies.

Our role was for strategic on-site advice and recommendations to Optus and the event company as well as delivering all the collateral.

This was really important for us to demonstrate what was possible and how we could make it work, including working with different materials on-site like concrete, wood, carpet and steel.

Usain is well known for his sprinting and his partying and certainly lived up to his reputation. The party was for staff and competition-winning Optus customers.

It was a huge morale booster and a way to share the campaign’s success with staff. We were there from the beginning to the end. It was very cool. – Ben Shaw

Optus Usain Bolt

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