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Achievements in sustainable packaging

Australian telecoms operator SingTel Optus has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving packaging sustainability, and consequently has been recognised for their achievements by winning a Communication and Electronics Sector Award at the recent Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation Awards 2018.

The Australian Packaging Covenant  Organisation (APCO) enables businesses, government and industry to design and utilise more sustainable packaging throughout the supply chain to reduce their environmental impact in Australia. APCO’s annual awards celebrate the innovative and outstanding achievements of its members in these areas.

In April this year, Australia’s environment ministers announced a landmark decision to make all packaging 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 or earlier.

Optus, as a member of APCO, has already made significant progress towards realising this historic target and reducing the harmful impact of packaging.

Reducing consumer packaging
Through regular governance meetings with internal stakeholders, suppliers and logistic partners, such as Finsbury Green, Optus has been able to identify a number of opportunities to reduce consumer packaging, implement sustainable methods of manufacturing and introduce recyclable paper products into the market.

Nik Comito, Director Environmental Sustainability said: Optus has previously been recognised for our work at reducing our volume of B2B packaging and postpaid packaging.

This year we were selected for the award based on our performance in sustainable packaging design. We have replaced the plastic-coated bags in retail stores with bags that are printed on certified recycled paper and with soy-based inks.

We have also several recycling initiatives in place since 2017 like recycling SIM packs and successfully diverted 1.47 tonnes of material from landfill.

Optus, together with Finsbury Green, is developing new ways to create and dispose of packaging and zero impact on landfill. – Nik Comito

We share a very similar philosophy as our print manager Finsbury Green to reduce and recycle the large volume of packaging we create and use.

With the 2025 government target our focus to work with other industry leaders and being innovative with better material choices and better design has never been more important.

Finsbury Green has been very instrumental in working with us to provide CO2 and life cycle assessment data that have contributed to our annual APCO report.

Optus is embedding sustainability into its day-to-day business; something that Finsbury Green wholeheartedly supports.

*Pictured – Nik Comito – Optus, Director Environmental Sustainability | Ali McKee – Finsbury Green, Account Manager, Sonny Kapua – Optus, Sim Portfolio Planner, Products & Device Marketing, Ben Shaw – Finsbury Green, Optus PMU Manager, Eli Crabtree – Optus, Designer.

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