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Refreshingly different

Melbourne Fringe is all about taking risks and finding and creating what’s different, exciting and new, but promoting it is very serious work.

Two years ago, the 36-year-old independent arts festival began working with Finsbury Green to produce its Festival Guide: their major piece of marketing collateral.

Marketing and Development Manager Miranda Borman says, Getting the Festival Guide right is very important. And it’s a mammoth effort: every single event in our program has its own promotional image, event description, venue, access and ticketing information. Representing that in one document is a massive challenge.

We work with some awesome designers and they put together a beautiful layout. The quality of printing just allowed our designers to really go for it in terms of colour and design to capture the spirit of the Fringe.

Attention to detail for every event and every performer across the entire document is essential.

After the Fringe thoroughly proofs each detail, we then move onto the final stages of proofing with Finsbury Green who are great. They manage it beautifully: from low-res to high-res proofs and mock-ups sent to our designers on the opposite side of town. Finsbury’s extra care like taking photos coming off the presses and sending those through to just make sure all is right is great. It makes a huge difference. It’s that attention to detail that we really appreciate.

Finsbury Green takes just as much care of this critical piece of collateral as we do – Miranda Borman

Tight turnaround time is also critical to meet publicity timelines.

We have a really quick turnaround, and Finsbury have been great about always delivering on time. In the past when we’ve handed over the final artwork to a printer, we’ve felt like it’s then up to the fate of the print gods. Finsbury actually consults us all along the way, and we know exactly what’s happening.

For Melbourne Fringe, Finsbury Green’s sustainability reputation is really important.

We have to make sure that what we do is as sustainable as possible. Working with Finsbury ensures we’re using the highest eco values in the country. Our Festival Guide is our biggest piece of collateral; we really rely on it. Anecdotally, distributors said the guides were walking off the shelves again.

Putting it together is a huge process: a team of people and months of work. Just knowing that at the end of that process it’s produced by professionals who actually take just as much care of this critical piece of collateral as we do really makes the difference.

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