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SUBWAY®, the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain, trusts Finsbury Green to deliver full retail campaigns to over 1600 stores in Australasia each year.

Here’s how we’ve helped them deliver hugely successful campaigns.

  • Increased speed to market into a retail environment.
  • Reduced buying costs.
  • Provide POS expertise and production management.

Finsbury Green has been providing Subway campaign management expertise, brand management, print management along with fulfillment and distribution since 2012.

Increased speed to market

Finsbury Green routinely executes nine full retail campaigns to over 1,600 stores in Australasia each year, all of which are picked, packed and kitted, based on individual store planograms. Every delivery is bespoke.

We have a complete understanding of how to activate point-of-sale products to Subway outlets. Our success is about ensuring Subway’s deadlines are met every time and we achieve
this with great time-saving solutions like Grab, our specialised virtual warehousing inventory software.

Reduced buying costs

All point of sale products including, menu panels, window clings, flyers, strut cards and floor stands, to name just a few, are sourced from our accredited supply chain by our account management team through Sourceit, our sourcing software.

Sourceit drives greater transparency and contestability. It disrupts the comfort of existing supplier relationships by providing contestability, cost savings and real value for money that all retailers want.

POS expertise and production management

On many occasions during this partnership we have collaborated with Subway on product development for specific campaigns.

Each project requires our experts to collaborate with Subway and their creative agencies to provide stock options, point of sale creative concepts, security management and quality assurance workflows while keeping the production and logistics costs to a minimum.

Loyalty cards

Subway initially spoke to us about the idea of a loyalty card, similar to some other food retailers. A unique QR code on each card was to be included directing customers to the app. Once downloaded the code became their membership number, which could be used in store to earn points on each purchase.

As the card was temporary, our recommendation was to integrate the die cut card into a DL flyer, with a tear-off section. Printing on heavy paper rather than plastic would also keep costs down by 25%.

To further consolidate freight costs by 40%, an A4 strut card was produced and, along with 2,000 flyers, inserted into a box and distributed to 1,400 Australian stores.

Finsbury Green managed the supply chain from end to end, and amazingly, three million cards, each with a unique code, were delivered in full and on time in 18 days.

Scratch and Win

When the Subway marketing team engaged us to assist with the development of a product that carried a unique code, we collaboratively worked through many options, quoting many alternatives until a Scratch and Win Card was chosen.

Using our expertise, we provided a full range of stock options with the objective of delivering the optimum look and feel, while keeping the print and logistics costs to a minimum.
Our team also resolved the security concerns over the management of the winning tickets, which meant that neither our staff nor our supply chain partner had any visibility of winning or non-winning codes.

The campaign used an online redemption format, which required the QR code to be transferred via a secure FTP transfer. The qualityassured workflow guaranteed there were no double-ups or missing codes.

Finsbury Green managed the supply chain and rolling deliveries into our distribution centre and were able to roll out to all states and execute the full campaign without the need for any costly air freight.

Eight million tickets were produced and allocated across over 1,400 Subway locations based upon the store sales volumes. All deliveries were tracked and traced ensuring not one ticket was lost!

Electrostatic Decals

Subway historically used adhesive decals manufactured from a substrate that featured a low tack adhesive that attached the decals to store windows. These decals were tricky to apply without bubbling and on removal left a residue on the glass. Because they were produced using traditional screen print, they were both expensive and did not showcase the food in an appetising way, because of average colour representation.

Our Account Manager took on board this challenge and developed an alternative solution, electrostatic decals, which were easy to apply, left no residue, were more cost effective and looked far superior, making the food look mouth-watering and tempting to try.

Simpler, more effective ways are possible.

While every retailer’s challenges may be slightly different, the value we bring is consistent.

For more detail please contact us.

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