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Passion, expertise and recycling are the three things that Jess Cook, the MD of community art organisation 107 Projects, loves about Finsbury Green.

Alongside many other partners, including the City of Sydney, Finsbury Green has been working with 107 for two years, supporting its print needs, providing advice, technical assistance and conceptual ideas, for artists and performers.

Jess says, We’re a small creative charity; we do jobs that have never been done before. Finsbury Green’s extensive expertise and experience in all types of print comes to the forefront to help the artists realise their vision.

There’s a really great synergy between our two organisations. They are a sustainability leader, have a zero-waste approach and really care about people within the organisation.

We have a heightened environmental awareness within our organisation and many sustainability organisations who use our space, so to align with these values is really important. But the synergy is also the way they understand the different types of print to connect and engage with people.

Like the really cool, Green Square interpretative design map of the new precinct. It’s 4m x 4m and massive. I was thinking we’ll just tile it up, but they suggested large-format print on foam core. So again, it’s their insight into our community-focused ideas, and just taking it to that more professional level.

Jess says, There’s a sense of equalness too, when you’re talking to Finsbury Green, as opposed to, ‘Oh, you’re a charity, well try to help you out.’ It’s: ‘What does 107 need? How can we help make this the best outcome for the community and for the artist?’.

Having that reassurance and empowerment in terms of our creativity, is just priceless. – Jess Cook

Working with Finsbury Green, there’s an excitement about doing something that’s going to go further than ‘a customer engagement’, it’s about community, and that really empowers 107 to think big. To see those public-art pieces realised and to celebrate community, is just really cool.

Their passion is real; it’s not tokenistic. There’s a real sense of purpose, which is really important for us.

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