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Store is a specialist marketing warehouse and inventory management solution.

  • Want a capable professional that understands the complexity of managing inventory?
  • Need to store your products safely and securely in a hygienic environment?
  • Want improved visibility and control over your product?
  • Like proactive cost saving advice and risk reduction?
  • Require a scalable on-site warehouse facility?

Whatever your business, we understand the complexity of managing inventory because we’ve been successfully doing this for over 30 years, operating across multiple warehouse locations in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Expand the topics below and find out how Finsbury Green provides peace of mind and certainty managing your inventory.

Engage with a capable professional

At Finsbury Green, our people have an abundance of knowledge in their chosen field. We understand the complexity of managing inventory and specialise in warehousing your marketing products.

We appreciate the effort behind a project or campaign and the importance you place on its execution.

Enjoy the confidence of working with our expert people and allow us to help you change the way you manage this critical area of your business.

Safe, secure, hygienic storage

As trusted guardians of your products, we provide an environment that you would expect for your own possessions with:

  • secure back to base alarm systems, swipe card access and CCTV monitoring
  • racked pallet, shelf and tub storage
  • online real-time inventory control
  • quality controlled picking and packing
  • bin location tracking for ease of identification and retrieval
  • multiple product storage within common bin location to minimise costs
  • high lockable security area for valuable items
  • fit for purpose packaging to maintain the integrity of the product

Improved visibility and control

Detailed information about your activity is vital. We’ll give you the tools to increase the visibility and behaviour of your business, to help you control costs, reduce wastage, identify areas for improvement and measure performance.

sourceit gives clients complete transparency and our reporting delivers access to detailed data that provides deep insights across all your spend and activity. We have built comprehensive reporting functionality into sourceit that allow approved users the ability to construct and run reports at any time.

sourceit automatically sends reports to users who have requested them in multiple file formats.

Our business insight reporting is comprehensive and customised to your requirements. Our standard reporting includes:

  • stock on hand, including ageing and expiry dates
  • usage by location and product for demand management
  • warehouse receipts
  • product requiring reorder
  • online despatch performance
  • warehouse and distribution cost
  • helpdesk requests
  • destruction of unwanted or expired product

Proactive cost saving advice

At Finsbury Green, we understand the complexity of managing inventory and specialise in warehousing your marketing product. Our expert Account Managers work proactively with you to provide cost saving advice.

To ensure you minimise your costs, we have a range of tools to assist in clearly identifying costs and wastage and to improve visibility and control over your products.

Scalable on-site facilities

Finsbury Green has successfully managed inventory and fulfilment for over 30 years, operating across multiple warehouse locations in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Managing large marketing point of sale fulfilment and distribution projects is one of our core competencies. Our on-site warehouses offer the flexibility and capacity to meet the time-critical needs of clients.

We currently manage warehousing and fulfilment for a wide range of corporate and government clients delivering to over 14,000 locations across Australia.


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Our online Catalogue application is designed to provide instant access to a catalogue of inventory or on-demand products that can be ordered at any time.
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