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Shout is a single point of entry to creating and ordering marketing collateral including:

  • Localised product or customised communication pieces.
  • Inventory products stored in a warehouse.
  • On-demand products.
  • Office documents.
  • Print ready artwork files.
  • Static files of any type.
  • Customised intuitive forms for submission.

Why deploy it?

It’s one application that empowers your staff by providing them access to what they need.

Reduces costs by reducing the need for multiple applications (inventory, on-demand and local area marketing).

Delivers meaningful reporting data that is specific to your needs.

Allows access from any web-enabled device through a friendly, easy-to-use web interface.

Local Area Marketing

  • Order from customisable templates with variable fields and personalised content.

Inventory management

  • Order from a catalogue of inventory products.


  • Order from a catalogue of on-demand products where the specification and creative are static.

On-demand Plus

  • Order from a catalogue of on-demand products where the specification is static but the creative is variable.

Office documents

  • Order office documents from your desk to be delivered back to you – our concierge service.

Print ready artwork

  • Order print ready artwork for products.

Static files

  • Order digital assets including PDF, Excel, Word, video and audio.

Specification builder

  • Create intuitive forms that leads the author through the appropriate questions.


  • Customisable views by user group.
  • Order track and trace facility.

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