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Transmedia is the technique of telling multiple stories across multiple channels using personalised electronic direct mail,  websites and landing pages, SMS and e-publishing.

It is all about engaging with your customers or prospects which in turn makes it easy for them to respond in conversations on whatever medium they are most comfortable with.

Our technology gives you the ability to craft individual experiences that speak directly to a broad demographic and a diverse product range, without receiving any information that isn’t directly applicable to the recipient.

While traditional media creates a single message that applies to everyone, transmedia takes it much further with personalised, relevant communications across print and digital media touch points.

Our transmedia services

  • Personalised electronic direct mail (eDM)
  • Personalised websites (PURL) and landing pages
  • Short message service (SMS)
  • Streaming video
  • Downloadable content such as PDFs and vCards
  • Reporting and analytics on every action

Transmedia products


Digital solutions that increase engagement and maximise results.
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