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Landmark AFL and NRL Footballs

Football in all its different forms is the glue that binds the community, and no more so that in the country.

The local football club is often the lifeblood of small and large country towns and along with netball often holds the town together.

When workshopping branded merchandise ideas earlier in the year, Landmark and Finsbury Green started to sound out the idea of a promotional football that would be appealing to country and city folk.

In the course of the initial brainstorming the team looked at car air fresheners, sun shades and other ideas without finding one that resonated as well as footballs.

Using Finsbury Green’s promotional products expertise we were able to source a range of balls of different quality and size from our supply partners.

From soft foam balls, small toy sized balls to almost full sized balls we refined the concept over several months in conjunction with Landmark, knowing that they wanted to have something ready for the upcoming 2017 footy season, and keeping in mind the production timelines required.

Finally Landmark settled on two specific footballs (AFL and NRL) and sourced a variety of samples for review.

Using these the team settled on a size and type: a stitched high grade quality ball with a bladder that wasn’t full size but still big enough to be kicked around and take some punishment; a ball that looked like a proper footy and could be hand-balled in the office or kicked in the paddock.

Both balls have been very popular, especially the AFL ball which needed to be restocked after the first month, particularly with the finals coming up!

This great promotional product idea was made to the particular specification and met a need that up until that time had not been realised.

Gayle Caudry, Marketing Specialist at Landmark Operations, had the grand final word. Thanks to the team at Finsbury Green, I think we will have these very popular branded footballs in our business for some time to come. They have been a resounding success and highlight the value that Finsbury Green brings to Landmark.

Landmark, Australia’s leading agribusiness, has been part of rural Australia for 150 years with its unwavering commitment to and involvement with local communities.

Landmark offers crop protection, farm services, wool, livestock, finance, insurance, real estate, merchandise and now footballs.

Industry: Agriculture

Location: Australia


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