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What customers want

It’s a simple question and one that’s easily answered by Chris Sheppard, CEO of Peter Sheppard Footwear. They want a beautiful coffee table styled catalogue that presents exclusive brands and collections of the latest fashionable women’s footwear, that’s what!

But what our customers want is the much loved quality of print, design and photography they have come to expect in our twice yearly catalogues.

One that’s worth hanging onto and passing around to a friend or sister. In fact this traditional form of marketing has contributed signicantly to the growth of our business. So much so that we will never do without it. It’s a very big cornerstone.

The Peter Sheppard biannual catalogue originated in 1984 and year after year has continued to show nearly 200,000 loyal customers the best of each season’s fashionable footwear.

Magazine or catalogue?
This year we have turned it into more of a magazine and our plan is for our catalogue to have more personality going forward, with more editorial content such as Q&A with the buyer of the shoes and a style section to help customers on what to wear with our fabulous shoes, explained Chris.

The magazine is a three month production process culminating in the release of the catalogues every August and February. Of course the buying side starts a year in advance. But once a catalogue is mailed, Peter Sheppard Footwear have five people taking phone orders for weeks after.

Such is the impact of a great printed catalogue! There’s no sophisticated analytics (they still call it mail order in fact), but Peter Sheppard Footwear have a very clear understanding of what drives orders and interest.

Chris is at pains to explain, People want to speak to someone and while shoes can be difficult to sell online, the personal touch is critical. Our staff also use this catalogue on the shop floor which also contributes to the growth of our customer base. While we have just produced some radio ads and started to engage with a little social media, up until this point we undertook no other meaningful advertising other than the catalogue.

Chris goes on, Our philosophy is simple; give our customers what they want, exceed their expectations in every way so that they want to come back time and time again.

Finsbury Green has always produced exceptional quality and delivered fantastic service to our business. The level of professionalism has been impeccable.

So there is a strong connection with us and we appreciate that connection.

No matter which way we look at it, the traditional forms of advertising are still relevant today. Print is definitely not dead. Not at all.

Since 1973, Peter Sheppard Footwear has been one of Australia’s leading footwear retailers with stores located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. A family owned business, Peter Sheppard Footwear is famous for its specialised service.

Peter Sheppard Footwear is a multi-branded footwear specialist sourcing brands exclusively.

Product selection is based on trends, customer feedback and over forty years of knowledge and expertise like no other retailer. They have dedicated buying offices in Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany, where they work side by side with designers to create exclusive collections that meet their loyal customers’ needs.

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Producing and kitting all the components.

Every year over 15,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia and every one of those women are sent Breast Cancer Network Australia’s My Journey Kit—a resource pack of informative booklets, diary, messages of hope, CD s, newsletters and fact sheets. Women diagnosed with secondary breast cancer are sent a similar kit called Hope & Hurdles.

Designgrant is responsible for the design and production of both these kits and all associated promotional materials. Finsbury Green produced, managed and kitted all the components. Liz Grant, Designgrant Creative Director takes up the story:

Designgrant was approached 14 years ago to assist BCNA design some rudimentary low-cost communication materials. We decided to work for them in a pro bono capacity, but as BCNA grew, so did the demand for our design services and experience in producing large-volume printed projects.

The kits comprise items that demand several advanced printing techniques and in conjunction with Finsbury Green, Designgrant managed the complicated print procurement, production processes and packaging logistics for these kits.

Liz Grant continues, Some of our other clients are in the environment and government sectors, so they prefer to work with designers like us who understand their political, social and ethical drivers. Naturally, we choose suppliers based not only on their expertise, attention to detail, service and capabilities, but also their environmental credentials and ongoing commitment to developing new ways to improve our sustainability. We demand a lot from our suppliers and consider them as part of our team on every project. We have not been disappointed with anything Finsbury Green has delivered to date!

Designgrant is a small progressive graphic design company dedicated to excellence in communication design.

The company specialises in designing and producing corporate communication material, ranging from corporate brand design, development and implementation, through to annual reports, prospectus, corporate brochures, newsletters, periodical design, exhibition and display design and special promotional products.

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