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A complete end-to-end solution.

Opportunity: To find a print manager that offered a complete end-to-end solution for all print and related services and help move AGL from a single-source model to an open market model.

Solution: Using sourceit to deliver cost effective solutions built around our technology and people with a strong emphasis on building a supply chain that met with AGL’s strong standards on sustainability.

Summary: In 2008, AGL appointed Finsbury Green as its print manager, a relationship that continues and is built around our ability to deliver cost effective sourcing and business management solutions for AGL. The first step in the process was to manage the transition from a long-term single source supplier, to a new open and transparent solution that integrated a broader range of marketing services into the model. The AGL story is an excellent example of how an effective outsourcing relationship deepens over time and allows a company to reap additional and new rewards every year.

The clients explains, Finsbury Green understands what our objectives are, and they do a great job of aligning their objectives and services with AGL. They provide us with a level of transparency and reporting that ensures AGL is receiving the best in market pricing and services at all times. Continuous cost improvement, supply chain management and stakeholder engagement are hallmarks of Finsbury Green’s relationship with AGL. Together AGL and Finsbury Green have worked to build a supply chain that meets our sustainability objectives and delivers on improved and technology based solutions that support the people working on our account.

AGL is one of Australia’s leading renewable energy companies and is Australia’s largest private owner, operator and developer of renewable generation assets.

Industry: Energy

Locations: Australia


No ordinary banner

Opportunity: As print and marketing services provider to the whole of Victorian Government our Print Management Unit (PMU) was required to work with the MMRA to source, manage and install an outdoor banner for the proposed City South location.

Solution: Now this task was no ordinary production. The banner was one of the largest we have ever had to produce and was to be installed in a public place where there were a whole myriad of considerations. Initial meetings with the client scoped the banner installation on the hoarding where the proposed CBD South Station is to be situated, in a very busy city location in City Square on Swanston Street.

From our considerable experience working on similar projects, we identified there were many considerations and layers to the project including contractor and public safety!

Prior to installation our contractors had to complete several courses and inductions which resulted in a Verification of Competency for Work Health Safety, The Building Code Compliance and Contractor Engagement. Allied with these qualifications a WHS Contractor Specialist was engaged for the six days of installation.

The size of the vinyl banner was an incredible 52 x 3.1 metres, featuring an historic look back at how this space has transformed with Melbourne. Consequently, it had to be digitally imaged in three sections. The edging was finished with Kedar rope edges with black sail track to locate and fix the banner in place. A clear anti-graffiti coating was applied to the image side for obvious reasons.

Summary: The hoarding along with many other outdoor signs contributes significantly to the ongoing communications process that is being undertaken by the MMRA with the public. After all, this project in the short term will have the inevitable impacts on the travelling public until the ultimate benefits are realised. We are very definite in declaring that our outdoor signage experts have also contributed to the success of this and many other projects for our client. They have a depth of knowledge that radiates confidence in this highly specialised and often complex area.

Finsbury Green continues to work closely with the MMRA along with other infrastructure authorities such as the Level Crossing Removal Authority across Melbourne to deliver a variety of signage and outdoor solutions across a range of projects.

Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) is the Victorian Government body responsible for delivery of Metro Tunnel. Metro Tunnel is one of Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure projects and Victoria’s most complex rail upgrade in decades.

Industry: Government

Locations: Australia


A fully integrated end-to-end co-sourcing solution

Opportunity: To integrate three DPTI print management contracts into one.

Solution: To provide an print management solution, using sourceit, our supply chain and our expert people, to provide DPTI with a fully integrated end-to-end solution.


  • While a normal implementation of this size would ideally take 12 weeks, it was completed in a record 10 weeks, with Stage 1 implemented in four weeks.
  • The implementation team and DPTI maintained a project timetable and a regular meeting schedule, resulting in excellent communications and continual progress towards the end goal.
  • A three-stage implementation across eight business units and 105 users included:
  • the creation of a timetable distribution plan for 128 timetables, delivered to 104 locations across the state as frequently as tri-weekly
  • the integration of over 500 forms and marketing collateral into sourceit and our warehouse
  • the implementation of web-to-print ordering for business cards, letterheads and envelopes
  • The contract is a hybrid of our expert people and a self-user option using sourceit.
  • Because all governments are endeavouring to save money the self-user option provided direct savings to DPTI.

The client has been candid in their feedback on this contract, suggesting that they expected more ‘noise’ from their users; however, to date there has been none.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure works as part of the South Australian community to deliver effective planning policy, efficient transport and social and economic infrastructure.

Industry: Government

Location: Adelaide, South Australia




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