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Customers tap into Finsbury Green’s sustainability IP because they trust our knowledge, integrity and sustainability leadership over the past 18 years.

sustainability IP


If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it! That’s why measuring CO2 is increasingly important, because reducing it has a critical environmental benefit and monetary value in the economy.

When government and corporate organisations integrate our sustainability data into business as usual, we know this critical information has serious value in driving change.


Reduced environmental impacts

Finsbury Green reports emissions data to state governments on their print supply chain.

Together, we have reduced significant carbon generated through print over the past 11 years. It’s not just about producing less print, but about working with suppliers who have genuinely implemented better eco practices.

We’ve done this through a combination of technology and education. Using our sourcing software, Sourceit, supplier selection can be based on price, performance and environmental ratings. Educating suppliers on how to implement better environmental practices using the Finsbury Green Star Rating system has been fundamental to reducing carbon. Empowering customers to select suppliers on more than just price closes the loop.

Increased awareness

We provide a level of detail that allows customers to assess their eco impacts and drive buy in.

Finsbury Green also works with corporates to provide sustainable packaging solutions and for some, data to support their annual Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) Report.

Sustainable packaging has a direct and indirect contribution to their carbon and environmental impact across their value chain, from resource utilisation and product packaging all the way to their waste streams. Mapping the value chain, understanding their environment and carbon emissions drivers via reporting are critical to them achieving their broader sustainability goals.

Reduction goals

The future of sustainable performance for all customers relies on supply chain management and the need to ensure suppliers have as little environmental footprint as possible.

Credible, science-based emissions reporting make that happen!

Any organisation that purchase goods without fully exploring how those goods impact the climate crisis are only working to a single bottom line.

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