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Independent publisher, Solstice Media, depends on Finsbury Green and trusts our knowledge and production capability to produce their award-winning magazines.



Solstice has built a reputation for its pioneering work on digital news projects, including the award-winning daily digital news service, InDaily, the company’s flagship publication.

Conscious that a mix of media channels work best for their audience, Solstice has a large footprint in South Australia with monthly magazines SA Life, SA Gardens & Outdoor Living, SA Life Food & Wine and SA Homes & Interiors and CityMag.


Production capacity and turnaround of these titles is the critical challenge. Each production run incorporates a full workflow including premedia, print, finishing, data management and mailing. Added to that posters and POS items for newsagents rounds out a hectic schedule for each title.


Finsbury Green’s proven record of producing high-quality, carbon neutral print and mail is utilised in the production of these titles. It’s the sum of all these parts that delivers exceptional results.

From an integrated premedia digital workflow, to international colour management standards, the colour reproduction of the digital artwork is exceptional.

Commercial offset print is our heritage using the most cost-effective equipment, latest technologies and time saving features. Our skilled data analysts apply industry-leading methodology and add value to optimising data for mailing that guarantees Solstice maximum postage discounts.

Reducing the impact on the environment has been an important part of the way we’ve run our business for nearly two decades, resulting in our reputation as Australia’s premier green printer. Solstice chooses to publish carbon savings on their magazines as a sign of their commitment to an eco-advantaged product. By working with Finsbury Green, they are also lowering their carbon footprint.

Transparency in the relationship and commitment to high-quality production values has created an enduring partnership.

"SALIFE magazine is a unique media property in South Australia. It’s one of the only locally produced high quality magazines which promotes the absolute best of South Australia. The publication requires a special relationship to produce high quality magazines which meet reader expectations. Finsbury has partnered with SALIFE to deliver a consistent and quality product for almost 10 years." Paul Hamra, Managing Director.

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