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Finsbury Green’s managed services supply chain actively promotes suppliers that deliver a social benefit.

In turn, customers have the ability to identify and select social enterprise suppliers through our procurement software Sourceit on more than just price and witness the positive outcomes that flow from these purchasing decisions.

Eighteen months ago, in conjunction with our long-term customer Origin Energy, we set targets to increase spend with businesses that deliver social benefits.

Through our accredited supply chain, we established a supply relationship with Printing with Purpose (PwP), a fully Indigenous owned printing company located in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. Today, we are witnessing the benefits that procurement with a social focus can bring.

Lisa Hayward is a proud Arrenrte woman and joined the PwP team in 2020. After 10 years of unemployment, Lisa stepped into a traineeship and has quickly become the go-to administration person.

PwP recognised Lisa’s strengths and knew she had the right life-skills to fit into their team, while Finsbury Green and Origin Energy, stepped up to help PwP make Lisa’s placement a reality with guaranteed project funding.

Origin’s continued commitment to social benefit spend through Finsbury Green has played a key role in her ongoing employment.

Lisa’s story is one of resilience. Getting back into the workforce wasn’t easy for a busy mother of three. She had no work experience and her parenting commitments meant there were very few employers willing to take her on.

What she loves most about working with PwP is being able to work with community and help support people. PwP is excited about Lisa’s future and when we ask her about her goals, she humbly says, I just want to show my girls how you can be a great role model with both family and work. How you can create financial independence for yourself.

PwP is proud to recognise Lisa as a future leader and they value the important contribution partners made to support her placement and gave her a much deserved go!

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