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Leading Australian agribusiness Nutrien benefitted from our promotional products expertise to deliver an outstanding marketing idea that resonates with customers.


Football in all its different forms is the glue that binds the community, no more so than in the country.

While many have struggled to survive in 2020 the local football club is often the lifeblood of small and large country towns, and along with netball often holds the town together.


When brainstorming branded merchandise ideas, Nutrien and Finsbury Green looked at many options including car air fresheners, sunshades and other ideas without finding one that resonated. They finally landed on a promotional football because of their appeal to country folk and the sizeable increase in women’s participation in football codes.


Using our promotional products expertise we sourced a range of balls of different quality and size from our supply partners.

From soft foam balls, small toy-sized balls to almost full-sized balls the concepts were refined over several months, knowing that Nutrien wanted to have them ready for the upcoming footy season and keeping in mind production timelines.

Finally, Nutrien settled on two specific footballs (AFL and NRL) and sourced a variety of samples for review.

The team settled on high quality stitched balls with bladders that were almost full size but still big enough to take some punishment; a ball that looked like a real footy and could be handled in the office or kicked in the paddock.

These very popular footballs will be in our business for a long while. They're a resounding success and highlight the value that Finsbury Green brings to Nutrien - Gayle Caudry, Marketing Specialist at Nutrien

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