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Picture this – recyclable PVC-free wallpaper


Every picture tells a story

Have you ever walked past an impressive wall graphic and wondered what it’s made of and what happens when it has outlived its usefulness?

Finsbury Green has driven many sustainability initiatives at Optus and our latest contribution is remarkable as we’ve developed a fantastic sustainable solution to the way Optus produces wall graphics at their home in Sydney.

Until now all wall graphics across their site used non-recyclable PVC vinyl in a wide range of physical and graphical applications.

As Optus continues to transition through its sustainability roadmap, many new wall graphics were scheduled for replacement at their campus and our team saw a great opportunity to transform the way they were produced and recycled.


Working with corporate property and marketing, we researched and evaluated a new recyclable material made from paper that delivers the quality expected across their brand.

Finsbury Green developed a recyclable material that is easy to print, install and remove. It’s applied and removed with water and maintains a premium high-resolution look and feel with striking results. In the process our affordable eco solution eliminates waste and impacts to landfill and reduces greenhouse gases.

Since implementing this initiative, we have replaced over 600 square metres of wall graphics around the campus, including promotions around the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Formula 1 inspired Daniel Riccardo walls and Optus branding.

Moving forward, all walls at Optus will be produced this way using one of the world’s most sustainable products – paper.

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