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Pharmaceutical’s profit from the value Finsbury Green delivers with point of sale, inventory management, fulfilment and creative services.




The speed of change in the pharma industry radically impacts how new treatments go to market while squeezing the time before competitors arrive.


Reduced buying costs

Sourceit, our sourcing software is key to reducing costs because it drives greater transparency and contestability through our extensive supply panel, disrupting the comfort of existing supplier relationships and delivering cost savings and value for money.

Increasingly, we provide creative management and production solutions to the industry, leveraging our expertise and automated workflow software, Morph. This delivers process simplification, quality standards and serious cost reduction by separating the artwork production from the creative components.

Pharma campaigns are all about execution and reducing fulfilment costs is critical. Our freight management software analyses our contracted couriers and recommends the most efficient and cost effective options.

Increased speed to market

Success is about guaranteeing our fast-paced pharma customers’ deadlines are met.

Medical approvals often take longer than expected, which seriously impacts the marketing schedule. We assist with expiry date management of medical promotional materials. Any document that carries drug information must be approved by a pharma’s compliance or legal team and re-approved after a set period of time.

It also means providing insights and new ideas, knowing at the start of a project where savings can be made while ensuring their sales teams can easily assemble in-store promotional materials.

We have unique skills with activating point-of-sale products to chemist chains and other outlets using Grab, our specialised virtual warehousing inventory software.

Innovative point of sale ideas

Finsbury Green create awesome point-of-sale products for pharma customers. Many product launches require up to 20 complementary items in the marketing kit. Free standing display units, counter units, cards and mats, wobblers, cubes, hang sells, gondola ends, shelf strips, price framers and more, and they all have to come together on time.

Finding things that really work is where innovation reveals itself.

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