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A trusted partnership with the NSW Government led to a successful collaboration between the PAXIS Institute and Finsbury Green on a complex sourcing and kitting task destined for NSW public schools.


NSW Department of Education was introducing a highly recognised, international evidence-based, mental-health prevention program into public primary schools. The program, the PAX Good Behaviour Game® (PAX GBG) builds resilience in children and teaches them to self-regulate their own behaviour with each other and respond to different situations and challenges. Through this they are able to cope better with the changing fluctuations in daily life and stay focused and engaged in their education and learning.

Teachers can learn to use the program in individual or group courses. Each classroom teacher receives a physical kit of tools, materials to use with students, templates and a large reference manual.


Finsbury Green worked in partnership with the US-based program creators at PAXIS Institute and the NSW Department of Education to procure, kit and distribute the PAX GBG to school communities.

PAX GBG is new to Australia but was first tested and used in the US over 30 years ago.  Longitudinal studies found it not only reduces disruptive behaviour but also has long-lasting academic, health, economic and social benefits. The landmark, long-term studies at Johns Hopkins University in the United States extraordinary outcomes when students reach adulthood.

With 20 items in the kit the imperial-sized artwork and print specs had to be re-worked to metric. However, the main challenge was quoting and sourcing all the diverse components including a tote bag, satchel, print cards, posters, wooden ice-cream sticks and even a harmonica!

Project management was made easy by Sourceit, our proprietary sourcing software that combines the request for quote, bid and job management process. It simplifies and standardises the entire sourcing workflow with unprecedented transparency and ease of use and in the process reduces costs by creating contestability through the supply chain.

Working with a variety of suppliers from our supply chain, the coordination and delivery of the various components came together efficiently, ready for kitting. Complete visibility of all communication, pricing and responses from suppliers in Sourceit was the key to meeting the customer’s deadlines and expectations.


The program in NSW public schools has been extremely successful with demand for the program, and of course kits,  increasing since starting implementation midway through  2020.

To date, we have sourced, kitted and distributed over 1,000 kits to NSW public schools, with many more to come.

Results from schools have already begun to shine a light on the positive aspects of the program with cases of students becoming more engaged within the classroom and school.

“Finsbury Green was the best supplier for our gold-standard prevention work we could imagine for Australia and New Zealand. With local production, we can reach three times more schools and educators. The service and collaboration we experienced with Finsbury and NSW Education allowed us to achieve the quality of every detail that makes implementation of PAX easy and effective.”—Dennis D. Embry, Ph.D., president/senior scientist, PAXIS Institute.

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