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Finsbury Green demystified the technology and process to guide Statewide, a leading industry fund, to digitally communicate with members through a multichannel campaign.


Statewide had informed their members they intended to move to multichannel communications and explained the benefits. Their members belong to a broad demographic and access a diverse range of products which makes it hard to create a single message that applies to everyone.


Statewide wanted to digitally communicate to members about changes to their offering, increase member engagement, reduce postage costs and at the same time update member information and preferences.

The campaign had to be impressive, fully featured and include a personalised eDM, demographic segmented PURL landing pages, member contact details and preferences update page, streaming video, social posts and hard copy sent to those who did not want an eDM.


Our Technology Services delivered on every requirement of the scope including:

  • Project management and an online collaboration system.
  • Member data linked to PURL and eDM engines.
  • eDM execution.
  • Host streaming videos.
  • Host PURLs within a scalable cloud environment.
  • Develop a vCard generator.
  • Link to Facebook.
  • Capture updated member details.
  • Reports and analytics.

The project was very complex as demonstrated by the deliverables.

  • 69,409 eDMs.
  • 98,469 letters posted.
  • 84 unique experiences.
  • 14 segments, eDM designs and personalised web pages.
  • 9 data export tasks.
  • 2 main campaigns (marketing and non-marketing).

Statewide saved on postage and print and communicated more relevant information to members.

The multichannel campaign was delivered ahead of schedule with highly positive member feedback on the new personalised digital experience.

Strong member engagement was evident with high open rates of 40% for the eDM.

Reduced effort for Statewide’s marketing department gave an integrated member experience with a single provider for all communications.

Statewide significantly updated their member information and their call centre received fewer calls than expected from members.

Statewide crafted 84 individual experiences that spoke to these groups directly, without receiving any information that wasn’t directly applicable to them.

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