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Medibank enjoys better sourcing health in its diverse print and managed services category with less stock holdings, increased speed to market, reduced overall costs, and diversity in its supply chain.


As one of Australia’s leading private health insurers with a growing role in the broader healthcare sector, Medibank has a responsibility to meet the needs and expectations of its customers in a cost-effective and timely way.


Medibank wanted to consolidate stock, improve online ordering and drive efficiencies through the managed services category which includes print, promotional merchandise, direct mail, kitting, personal protective equipment (PPE) and inventory management.


Using Shout, our local area marketing software for online catalogues, inventory management and print on demand, Finsbury Green supported Medibank’s core requirements through a single, collaborative portal.

Within two weeks of the appointment we started transacting and rapidly progressed to campaign management execution and enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration. Simultaneously, we transitioned several hundred inventory items to our warehouse and built online catalogues.

Through inventory consolidation, product and process re-engineering and simplification, Medibank buys better and more strategically while being supported by Finsbury Green’s on-site resources.

Medibank’s 84 retail stores receive stock faster and hold less stock. Not only does this ensure stock remains up to date, it also reduces unnecessary waste.

Shout makes ordering more relevant and significantly improves the customer experience by categorising products and enabling user groups access to see only what they should.

Medibank’s social enterprise and sustainability targets reporting across the supply chain are made possible through Sourceit, our proprietary sourcing software, while detailed management reporting drives continuous improvement.

Finsbury Green has delivered strong customer service and advice, substantial unit cost reduction across ad hoc, operational and campaign items, simplified processes and significantly enhanced customer experience, all of which are fundamental to great outcomes and significant return on investment.

"Shout has improved the experience and efficiency of our retail stores having the tools they need to take care of our customers. We’re also dedicated to uplifting our indigenous and social enterprise spend and Sourceit has helped us connect with those suppliers". - Jason Manderson, Procurement Category Manager – Marketing, Partnerships & Corporate, Technology & Operations.

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