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Trust and longevity represent Finsbury Green’s relationship with Haigh’s Chocolates, Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker.


As ‘bean to bar’ premium chocolate specialists, Haigh’s are unique since they manufacture and retail into their own stores and online; very much in control of their destiny.

At Haigh’s there is always something beautiful in store for every customer. Premium packaging adorns their chocolate. It communicates their special brand and delights customers.


Product packaging development is a large part of the Retail Product Development Team’s work (RPD) designing and putting together seasonal and standard ranges. Each has many components and substrates, including paper, metal, foil and fabric, all needing to look complementary. Colour consistency is critical, as is the need for structural integrity of the packaging and use of food safe inks.

Developing new ranges also requires regulatory items to be considered, such as nutritional tags and labels that carry important information and stories about the products.

For Haigh’s it’s not about the price but much more about reliability and great quality.


The origins of our great partnership are unclear; however, Haigh’s really value working with a competent local company. The ability to examine paper samples, tweak prototypes and do press checks has allowed the partnership to flourish and grow.

As original signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant, Haigh’s Chocolates’ sustainability credentials also run deep, and working with like-minded suppliers is highly valued.

Haigh’s trust our knowledge. It’s the confidence they have in Finsbury Green to make it all look and feel special.

A good example is the hamper box that grew from a kernel of an idea.

When Haigh’s Chocolates wanted to design a new style gift hamper box for seasonal gift ranges such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, they thought outside-the-box.

In collaboration with Finsbury Green the RPD team developed an attractive carry box that customers can easily fill with delectable chocolate, ready for giving. The ability to produce them locally has led to shorter lead times, lower costs and greater promotional flexibility. In fact, it’s become a shelf triumph.

By their own admission, it would have been very different if they didn’t have Finsbury Green.

"We appreciate all the recommendations from Finsbury Green. The process is collaborative, and we’re always comfortable asking their advice to make sure that even the regulatory items look beautiful and functional for the customer". Debra Norton, Retail Product Development Manager.

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