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By stimulating innovation, procurement processes and product re-engineering, Finsbury Green helps Goodyear Dunlop Tyres (GDT) reduce their overall print and related services spend across company-owned stores and franchises.



GDT has operated in Australia since 1915 across 517 company-owned and franchise stores including the Beaurepaires brand. GDT needed online ordering, point of sale, promotional products, mailing, inventory management and distribution services.


Consolidate the category and supply chain
The challenge was to transition an ad-hoc supply chain to an open, transparent solution and introduce a broader range of marketing materials into the business.

Achieving this required our team and GDT stakeholders to establish new systems and processes and reconfigure sourcing for local store marketing and warehousing.

This included a full stock take and rationalisation of pallets, a new bespoke supply chain, new business rules between company-owned and stores and franchisees for ordering, invoicing and payments.

Reduced spend and a broader range
The key to reducing their costs was Sourceit, our sourcing software that drives greater transparency and contestability and disrupts the comfort of existing supplier relationships delivering cost savings and real value for money.

A major focus of our cost-reduction strategy is Fulfilment IQ analytics which determines when inventory products should transfer to on-demand. Inventory products leverage volume, meaning fewer orders, less frequently. On-demand products mean more orders, more frequently but reduced warehouse costs. This guarantees GDT takes the absolute optimum approach to inventory holdings and product ordering.

Using Sourceit, Finsbury Green has delivered a cost‐effective solution built around our fully managed service model incorporating over 500 users ordering from 300 items and corporate templates.

GDT enjoy the benefits of market-best pricing from a bespoke supply chain, improved ordering methods, payment efficiencies and insight reporting that delivers ongoing cost savings.

Improved speed to market
Speed to market is about ensuring GDT’s critical deadlines are met. Because we routinely execute large retail campaign across the country, our technology and experience give us a distinct advantage.

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