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September 13, 2017

Finsbury Green announces a new long-term print management contract with Mercer.

Following an extensive tender process, Finsbury Green is pleased to announce that Mercer, a global consulting leader in health, wealth and career, has selected Finsbury Green as their print management services vendor, adding to our growing list of clients in the Australian market.

This new partnership will provide an opportunity to create an independent centre of excellence for the procurement  of print related services.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Mercer and create a centre of excellence, said Luke Tindale COO of Finsbury Green.

We have a common desire to drive an agile and transparent culture through Agile work environments, marketing messaging, execution and brand management based on service and technology, he said.

The centre will be a hub for excellence for the procurement of print related services, based on service and our marketing-leading procurement technology, sourceit. Finsbury Green will provide the leadership, best practices, support and training for this category of focus for Mercer.

Our solution is a great example of the flexibility, innovation and value that Finsbury Green can deliver to customers. Our expert Account Management Team will work with Mercer to establish the centre, and over time, take control of their sourcing activities in-house, using sourceit and our supply chain management, stated Tindale.

One of the key drivers for Mercer selecting Finsbury Green was the scalability of the solution and the control of their intellectual property. Requiring technology that is flexible to their needs and that will deliver savings through competitive friction also played a large part in the decision.

Sourceit will give Mercer complete visibility and control of their sourcing activities and the freedom for all stakeholders to function the way they want to.

In conclusion, Tindale added, We are proud of our solution and technology and enthusiastically look forward to building a centre of excellence and a long and successful partnership with Mercer.



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