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Launch is the ‘single source of truth’ for campaign management.

Why use it?

It’s one application that centralises campaign management data, eliminating annoying and inefficient spreadsheets!

Reduces costs by allowing concurrent user access and removing data duplication (time and errors).

Increases productivity and personal accountability with automated milestones and alerts, automated calculation of production quantities and dispatch schedules.

Delivers meaningful reporting data that is specific to your needs.

Allows access from any web-enabled device through a friendly, easy-to-use web interface.


  • Concurrent user access.
  • Catalogue of standard items including specifications, UOM type, Each’s in UOM and Overs calculation.
  • Master store directory including fixtures and store types.
  • An intuitive interface for data entry.


  • Automated generation of unique product codes.
  • Automated generation of campaign milestones according to the campaign ‘go live’ date.
  • Automated calculation of product quantities based on the distribution profile.
  • Automated calculation of campaign pricing.
  • Automated generation of dispatch schedules.


  • Customisable fields that capture essential campaign details.
  • Customisable data views by user group.
  • Feature for bulk updates to existing product records.
  • Integrates with planogram or procurement software.

Real time

  • Tracking campaign progress against milestones.
  • Extractable data that means something to you.
  • Auditable history of events.

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