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Things customers give a toss about

Last month I was lucky enough to be asked to speak to the people at the Super Cool Digital Engagement Entrepreneurship Masterclass Workshop on the subject of ‘consumer engagement’.

Naturally, I put in a sterling effort with one of my very best expletive-laden presentations full of very insightful insights. (Is there any other kind?)

I even went to all the trouble of making my very own pie chart as demonstrated above.

It contained what I consider to be one of the core principles of effective communication, and thus engaging with your customers. It is also one of the biggest mistakes people make in business marketing, by assuming clients give a toss about your stuff.

So now, free of charge, from the goodness of my heart, I share it with you now.

You may even want to make a note of this for future reference any time you start to think your stuff matters. Here it is.

Clients don’t give a toss about your stuff!

Seriously, clients couldn’t care less about your plans, your goals, your dreams, your objectives, your marketing plan, your target market, your budgets, your revenue model, your anything. They don’t even give a toss about your product or service, although they might care about what it can do for them if that’s what they want.

Mostly, what they really care about is their stuff.

So talk to them about that. Boom.


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