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Shift your thinking about sustainability

When most people think about sustainability, they think green and eco-friendly, and while this association is useful, it’s not the whole story.

At Finsbury Green when we think about sustainability, we also think of it as the capacity for our business to thrive now and into the future, through the practices of environmental stewardship, economic sustainability and social integrity.

Our shift has been to maximise the value of our actions and extend this to our clients. Experience tells us that this is only possible where there has been a true partnership between client and supplier, or what we refer to as a sustainable relationship.

The Shift
Reviewing what we all do, based on our concept, should be a shift towards a new way to think about sustainability.

Sustainable relationship?
Our concept of a sustainable relationship acknowledges that both businesses will experience higher success rates through enhanced collaboration, innovation and partnership, all of which provide genuine value for the economic, environmental and social benefits to both our organisations and future generations.

For procurement, it involves the acceptance and understanding of the tangible value of the relationship, including a quality and eco-advantaged product or service, at a good and fair price.

For finance, the issue is about working with someone who is financially solid, dependable and will remain a sustainable business now and into the future.

For marketing, a key value is the return on investment of a marketing campaign – the education, innovation and advice we provide in the relationship, using the evidence that there is a place for all channels in the marketing mix.

All of these interests are connected and bring opportunity by way of a sustainable relationship.


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