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Great client service

Exceptional client service is something we often hear from companies when they talk about the client experience they provide. But how do they define exceptional?

Consider the following scenario.

A graphic designer is hired to develop a new direct mail piece for a mid-sized company and manage the execution of the campaign using a direct mail solutions specialist. The objective is of course to promote their product or service and drive prospects to buy their product by engaging in the process.

The client loves the design because it has a strong call to action, resulting in a successful campaign that increases their sales by 6% over the ensuing three months. A great result all round.

Now, is this exceptional client service?

When the client hired the designer they expected that it would be a great direct mail piece. They also expected that it would be done according to the agreed timeline and budget. Now as successful as this project may have been for both parties, in the end, the designer did exactly what they were hired to do. They did their job!

Of course there is nothing wrong with ‘doing their job’. In many cases, that alone can be difficult and can even be undervalued, but there will always be other designers that will be able to do the direct mail piece, as there will always be someone willing to do it cheaper or even faster! But that in itself is also not exceptional client service either.

The service we all provide is how we can truly differentiate ourselves.

Exceptional client service is about going beyond what is realistically expected and in many cases it’s about surprising and delighting clients and turning them into good referral sources. The later being an often forgotten source of new business in this SEO world.


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