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Separating the thinking from the doing

There was a time when creative agencies did three things. They came up with ideas,  they produced them and  placed them.

It meant that ‘ideation’ of the creative was followed by the ‘production’ of content for various media channels prior to them ‘buying media’ in order to get the best out of those ideas. As if by magic it all happened with the one agency.

So when print and media buying were progressively taken away from agencies and outsourced to production specialists, it was a very big deal. Agencies lost control over how their ideas would be seen by the consumer which potentially destabilised the success of ideas.

Detachment is not disinterest
Today, there is a huge new movement across the world to ‘decouple’ the production of the idea from its creation.

Creative management is a marketing sourcing strategy where companies separate the actual development or production portions of a campaign from the strategic and creative components.

Unlike many traditional sourcing activities where the overarching goal is to consolidate services to a select few providers, a creative management strategy means engaging specialised providers for the production services rather than a full-service agency.

Why separate the doing from the thinking?
Technology and a greater demand for accountability on cost effectiveness is why marketers are now choosing creative management services. And as demand for technical expertise in creative services disciplines rises, it is no longer cost effective to keep certain services with agencies. More agile creative managers with specialised expertise become more viable alternatives.

What are the tangible advantages?

Technical expertise
The demand for technical expertise is one driver as creative managers are dedicated to content repurposing and creation and have a high degree of technical expertise and experience for the services they provide.

The emergence of new robotic process automation technology will have a significant impact on how content is transformed into the right medium.

Faster turnaround
By utilising people with the technical expertise, best practices and operational efficiencies translate to faster turnaround.

Control and transparency
Creative management allows for marketers to work directly with creative services people to gain more visibility and control on production costs.

Using the same creative manager for the execution of all content ensures consistency in the appearance and quality of the materials produced.

Competitive pricing
Agencies tend to have higher overheads as compared to creative managers. These lower overhead costs combined with faster turnaround times result in lower overall project costs for marketers and some striking opportunities for cost savings.

Follow the money
Whatever you call it, decoupling can often lead to almost 30% savings for customers. Gaining enhanced visibility into spend is a common goal and a no brainer for procurement departments too.

Creative management is now considered best practice and is a model being adopted by corporations around the world. It can often lead to increased communication between all the parties involved, and in so doing strengthening the agency/customer relationship.


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