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Finsbury Green is BPAY View enabled, connecting organisations who send bills, direct mailers like Finsbury Green and banks to work together using BPAY View to send electronic invoices and paper invoices to their customers.

We offer our customers the ability to send paper and electronic invoices to their customers.

The benefits of BPAY for your business

Simplify both receivables and payables with one of Australia’s most widely used direct payment solutions. Your business can use BPAY to send bills online, receive funds and pay suppliers.

You’ll benefit from easier reconciliation and reduced overheads. Your customers will enjoy the security and flexibility of a bill payment service they already know and trust.

Meanwhile, your staff can focus on your core business — spending less time sending, chasing and paying bills.

Better cash flow

Improve your business cash flow by receiving cleared funds from bill payments on the next Banking Business Day^, while eliminating the risk of chargebacks

Easier reconciliation

Reduce time spent allocating bill payments, with detailed daily payment files you can load into your preferred accounting system for automated reconciliation processing

Low cost billing

Save on the cost of printing and mailing bills, by using BPAY View to send bills and statements to your customers’ online bank

More choice for your customers

Offer your customers a wider choice of online, mobile and phone payment options, with the security and confidence of Australia’s most popular billing service*

More efficient cash collection

Reduce time and resources spent preparing and chasing bills, freeing your staff to concentrate on core business activities

BPAY View and how it works

BPAY View business benefits


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