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A message to digital marketers

A troublesome tendency has emerged over the past few years.
Digital marketers are using stealth tactics to drive a bias and agenda to a singular world where everything is online.
Their singular vision is a world where print has no place.

The conversation goes something like this. Physical print is expensive, inconvenient and even passé. Online is cheaper and it’s better for the environment.

In the process they are presenting digital as the only viable option and not prepared to look at multi-channel at all. Effectively they are saying we don’t understand and don’t want to know about other channels, including print.

Digital marketers it seems also have the ear of senior management because what they are promoting is more ‘exotic’ and with a lot of so-called ‘potential’ as a communication channel. Digital marketers don’t want to hear the sustainability message either, because it’s inconvenient and conflicts with what they are promoting.

Senior managers who approve these marketing activities are clearly not getting the full story. It’s a convenient story, and on the surface achieves an improved return on investment (ROI).

At Finsbury Green we have for many years published informative content that helps designers and marketers make better, more balanced decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars. There can be no better example than the current content being presented by the Value of Paper and Print campaign.

If you’re a senior manager please take the time to ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Are digital communications being overly promoted in your organisation at the expense of a multi-channel approach?
  • Do you have access to the right information to enable you to assess the ROI from each communication channel?
  • Does it matter to your organisation that online communications do not have a significant environmental advantage when compared to other channels such as print?

Inform yourself and talk to us!
If you’d like help to answer these questions about your communications strategies or better understand the effectiveness of print and meet your organisation’s triple bottom line objectives, contact us and we’ll provide you with valuable data and insights.


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