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Fusion is a self-managed marketing services solution using our sourceit technology and supply chain management.

  • Want control over sourcing activities in-house but need an application that is flexible to your needs?
  • Have multiple stakeholders who need access to an application that automates and standardises a procurement workflow?
  • Need to control and own your marketing intellectual property?
  • Want to build a supply chain quickly and easily, that is unique and specific to your needs?
  • Like to create a contestable pricing environment?

We give you access to our technology, sourceit, and work with you to construct an appropriate supply chain. Using sourceit, you’ll manage the procurement of all your marketing services in one easy location.

Expand the topics below and find out how Finsbury Green can give you back control of your marketing spend.

Control buying activities in-house

Our role is to help you source and manage marketing services, by providing you with the expertise to take responsibility for the complete sourcing, management and delivery of services.

This will resolve a range of issues you may currently be experiencing such as:

  • poor visibility of your marketing spend
  • opposing objectives and directives between procurement and marketing departments
  • the absence of a standardised workflow

sourceit gives you complete visibility and control of your sourcing activities and the freedom for all stakeholders to function the way they want to.

Automate a procurement workflow

sourceit is the one place you go to access all your buying information, while push technology helps you complete tasks, schedules and reporting.

Using Market every job is managed exactly the same way. You simply create an RFQ, build a specification and send it out to the market requesting your suppliers bid for the work. It delivers a fully automated and standardised workflow using its intuitive product creator, supplier selection, bid management, job management, reporting and analytics features.

Catalogue provides you and your users with instant access to a catalogue of inventory or on-demand items that can be ordered at any time. Templates, our local area marketing application, allows you to order, create and approve artwork while conforming with your corporate brand.

Control marketing IP

Companies often give up their IP and have great difficulty getting it back! Sometimes suppliers hold your digital assets, job specifications, job history and inventory as an ‘additional service’, but in fact it binds you to the supplier, allowing them to increase charges in the name of service delivery. Multiply this situation across a supply chain and your IP is spread all over the country. Decentralised IP is poor risk management, but we’ll help you find and restore it.

We understand the value of your IP and deliver full transparent access to all your digital assets, inventory items, job specifications and historical data in printools, giving you peace of mind and security over this valuable asset.

Build a unique supply chain

Your existing suppliers may be taking advantage of you. They creep up the price because you’ve been dealing with them for years and the familiarity of this symbiotic relationship is just easier.

Market disrupts the comfort of existing relationships by providing a far more contestable model. It also monitors supplier performance based on health and environmental ratings, and is measured daily against a set of calculated metrics.

Initially we conduct an analysis of your existing supply chain and recommend suppliers you should be using. During implementation we establish if there are workflow patterns and which products are repetitive in nature. While there are obvious repetitive items such as business stationery, we search through all formats, not just print, as we have clients that use Catalogue for promotional products that are ordered in regular cycles.

Create a contestable pricing environment 

Effective bid management is critical to ensuring value is delivered on every job. That means targeting the right supplier with the right opportunities. When you build a specification in Market it intuitively knows what suppliers are best suited for that job.

For repetitive work, we determine the potential annual volume to be managed and take that to market, so we can source the best pricing from the best suited suppliers.


Source from the Market


Our online procurement tool Market
is designed to manage the entire procurement workflow for design, print, mail and marketing services.
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Order from the Catalogue


Our online Catalogue application is designed to provide instant access to a catalogue of inventory or on-demand products that can be ordered at any time.
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Create product Templates


Our online local area marketing application Templates is designed to order, create and approve artwork online in a very simple process.
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