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Fulfil is a campaign management, point of sale, kitting and distribution service.

  • Appreciate a stress-free outcome based on speed, turnaround and value?
  • Need quick turnarounds on large and complex push marketing campaigns?
  • Require skilled staff to assemble, combine and kit marketing collateral?
  • Want very competitive freight rates through multiple providers?
  • Need deliveries tailored to your requirements?

Managing large marketing and distribution campaigns is one of our core competencies. Our facilities across the country offer the flexibility and capacity to meet your time-critical needs.

Expand the topics below and find out how Finsbury Green can boost the speed to market of your products.

Stress-free outcomes

Everyone wants certainty and reliability and that only comes from engaging with capable, experienced professionals.

Campaign management is all about execution, and our ability to deliver a stress-free outcome based on speed, turnaround and value is our guarantee. We consistently deliver on this promise to our clients including large mutinational pharmaceutical and beverage companies.

Push campaign rollouts

Finsbury Green manages point of sale campaigns ranging from a few to hundreds of individual items, within extremely tight deadlines and delivery to numerous retail stores and outlets.

We have the expertise to achieve the fast turnaround times for receiving, cross docking and distribution, to meet short lead times. Using our proven processes and workflow technology we enhance your speed to market.

Kitting, reworking and co-packing

We have the facilities and skilled staff to contract pack and rework print and point of sale products to your brief including:

  • combining printed collateral with promo materials
  • assembling marketing kits
  • compiling product and sample kits
  • erecting merchandising display materials and stands for store fit-outs
  • constructing competition prize packs
  • compiling medical samples for surgeries and pharmacies
  • applying specialised stickers and labels

Freight management

Finsbury Green enjoys very competitive freight rates through multiple freight providers. We use multiple providers to deliver the best service at the best available rate. The lowest freight cost is selected by our freight management system by:

  • matching delivery time frames with the lowest cost delivery option across our freight providers
  • taking into account size, weight, destination and service type (air, road, local, international)
  • pre-loading delivery location details and special delivery instructions to ensure accurate, on-time delivery

Tailored delivery

Finsbury Green has multiple contracted freight providers who provide a full range of services, including local, same day, road, air freight services and Australia Post Lockers.

We can deliver point of sale (POS) products into your desired channel, including retail stores, lockups, homes, offices, conference venues or any other location.

We contract the services of quality freight companies who provide web-based track and trace capabilities for all despatches and can identify products at any stage of the delivery chain. Proof of delivery signatures are available on the track and trace website within 24 hours of the delivery.


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Our online Catalogue application is designed to provide instant access to a catalogue of inventory or on-demand products that can be ordered at any time.
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