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Finsbury Green performs for the Adelaide Fringe

April 3, 2018

The Adelaide Fringe is the world’s second-largest annual arts festival and Finsbury Green plays an important part in its success.

For 31 days and nights during February and March, the Adelaide Fringe features more than 5,000 artists from around Australia and the world featuring world premieres, hit shows and new artists. Over 1,100 events are staged in pop-up venues in parks, warehouses, laneways and disused buildings and established venues such as theatres, hotels, bars, pubs, art galleries and cafes.

The festival includes cabaret, comedy, circus and physical theatre, dance, film, theatre, puppetry, music, visual art, magic, digital and interactive and design.

In a period in Adelaide’s calendar referred to by locals as ‘Mad March’, the Adelaide Fringe is accompanied by WOMADelaide, the world music festival, the Adelaide Festival and the Clipsal 500.

The festival attracts interstate and overseas visitors: 8% per cent of the Fringe’s 1,560,000 audience members are visitors to the city.

For the past six years Finsbury Green has produced the printed Fringe Guides (290,000, 148pp) the Gluttony Program (70,000, 28pp) and general print requirement as well as branded merchandise, signage and fence banners. We also have a service for artists and performers to produce their own promotional items for individual shows in addition to the official guides.


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