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Enterprise is a marketing services co-sourcing solution, integrating our expert people and sourceit technology.

  • Want a co-sourcing solution for your marketing services that gives you access to technology and expert advice?
  • Want to take above and below the line costs out of the business?
  • Have multiple stakeholders and high transactional volumes that need access to an application that automates and standardises a procurement workflow?
  • Have a supply chain that is unique and specific to your needs?
  • Need reporting and analytics?
  • Like to create a contestable pricing environment?

No two businesses are the same, with each made up of a unique blend of people, processes and technology. Using our technology, sourceit, our expert people will work with you to construct an appropriate supply chain and manage the procurement of all your marketing services.

Expand the topics below and find out how Finsbury Green can solve the big challenges in business today.

Co-source marketing services

Our clients have three main drivers when considering a co-sourcing solution for marketing services. To drive savings, deliver a consistent, coordinated and standardised process across all their brands, and to have access to personalised, flexible expert advice.

Enterprise is not as daunting as it sounds and is relatively straightforward to implement. Not only is it a proven results orientated process, but importantly it mitigates risk and delivers business continuity.

We fit the right people into your organisation, be they a marketing orientated person or a production person. In every sense we totally understand your needs, being very experienced in this process.

Take costs out of the business

Enterprise is about delivering efficiencies into your business that reduce operating costs, procurement costs and the cost of goods purchased – the total cost of ownership.

We support the objectives of the marketing and procurement departments by embedding proven procurement and job management principles into your business, resulting in above and below the line cost reductions.

Automate a procurement workflow

Market is the one place where all your procurement information is accessible. Using Market every job is managed exactly the same way. We build a specification and send it out to the market requesting your suppliers bid for the work.

This delivers a fully automated and standardised workflow using its intuitive product creator, supplier selection, bid management, job management, reporting and analytics features.

Build a unique supply chain

Management of the supply chain is critical. Often clients have developed supplier panels only to find that they are not being managed effectively, because there is no accountability or contestability. Our team delivers technology-based solutions that resolve these issues quickly and effectively.

Market disrupts the comfort of existing relationships by providing a far more contestable model. It monitors supplier performance based on health and environmental ratings, and is measured daily against a set of calculated metrics.

Reporting and analytics

Market gives clients complete transparency in the entire quote, RFQ and job management process. Our reporting delivers access to detailed job and transactional data that provides deep insights into spending patterns.

Management information is provided through our standard reporting process as defined and agreed during the implementation process. We have built a performance-based culture in the services we provide and hold ourselves accountable every month with our clients.

We have built comprehensive reporting functionality into Market that allows approved users the ability to construct and run reports at any time. Reports are automatically sent to users who have requested them and can be provided in multiple file formats.

Our milestone reporting measures the performance of our suppliers, users and clients, ensuring a 360 degree performance-based reporting regime.

Over time, we can build even stronger supplier profiles through our data analytics, reviewing which suppliers are winning what work. This enables us to further refine the supplier selection process and match those suppliers by specific formats to help pricing outcomes for you.

Create a contestable pricing model

Effective bid management is critical to ensuring value is delivered on every job. That means targeting the right supplier with the right opportunities. When you build a specification in Market it automatically knows what suppliers are best suited for that job, so you’re not wasting time going to the wrong ones.


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