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Engage provides digital solutions that increase engagement and maximise results.

  • Want to deliver personalised campaigns that generate exceptional results?
  • Need to reduce your marketing departments effort?
  • Want to grow the quality and effectiveness of your data?
  • Appreciate the guidance of a capable, professional team in this process?
  • Need to save costs while getting more relevant information to customers?
  • Want to explore an e-publishing solution?

We’ll work with you to identify the right technology and approach for your digital campaign, perfectly synchronised across all channels and touchpoints.

Expand the topics below and find out how Finsbury Green can generate exceptional results by transforming your customer’s experience.

Personalised campaigns that generate exceptional results

Our technology gives you the ability to craft individual experiences that speak directly to a broad demographic and a diverse product range, without receiving any information that isn’t directly applicable to the recipient.

From our experience the personalisation of eDM’s, websites and SMS’s will generate up to three times greater results than traditional direct mail*. This also includes open rates on personalised email of up to 40% and 98% on SMS.

Electronic direct mail via our trusted bulk email provider ensures your messages arrive in your customers Inbox, not their Junk Mail.

Transactional email
We can send your customers a customised email based on your business rules, specific triggers and events with tracking and reporting for you.

Personalised websites
Take your customers on a journey to help them understand what your brand can offer using a personalised website experience. This includes custom images, graphics and video that provide a unique experience.

Reveal and change content based on their demographic and previous interactions and purchases. Use your existing customer data to drive retention and sales by showing them offers that are appropriate for their specific situation.

Integrate SMS delivery with tracking and reporting.

*Finsbury Green’s actual results.

Grow the quality of your data

Leverage what you’ve already got using your direct mail database or CRM database and grow the quality and effectiveness of you data.

By consolidating your databases, web pages can reveal and expand on this supplied data. In turn, the personalised campaign can capture new information that helps you understand which messages are making your customers respond and offer a secure way to update their contact details.

Guidance from a capable and professional team

At Finsbury Green, we understand your attachment to your brand and ensure that it will never be compromised.

Enjoy the confidence of working with our expert people and allow us to help you engage with your customers and demystify our personalisation technology.

Well guide you through the process using our visualisation and project planning tools so that you get the most from your campaign.

You can design it, we’ll build it and host it. We’ll use your data to tailor each customer’s experience.

Save costs and get  relevant information to customers

Engage is so much more than simply saving on postage and printing.

It is about delivering a return on investment that maximises results by transforming your customer’s experience and getting more relevant information to them.

Reducing your marketing department’s time, reducing call centre activity and an overall reduction in communication issues also makes life easier for your staff.

Reporting and analytics

Together with key functionalities such as analytics, Finsbury Green can deliver the reporting that validates all the results.

Together we can track and report on all the interactions including who opened, who read and who visited each web page. Detailed and timely reporting on delivery, open rates per email with elements of each email customised and all tracked based on customer data.

Learn from each campaign what is making your customers tick.

E-publishing solution

Our e-publishing solution editions, creates stunning digital editions from your existing publications, such as magazines, catalogues, training manuals and brochures.

Engage your audience by bringing pages to life quickly and easily, using movies, audio and much more.

Reach a wider audience on any device, by viewing the publication on the web, tablet or mobile.

Prepare highly engaging reading experiences that look and feel like a real book, with much more depth.

More about creating your own digital publication.



img-mailing-widgetOur e-publishing solution editions, creates stunning digital editions from your existing publications, such as magazines, catalogues, training manuals and brochures.

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Direct mailing solutions

img-mailing-widgetFinsbury Green provides a complete mailing and distribution service, including

  • data management
  • mail marketing and processing
  • print
  • envelope supply and insertion
  • poly-bagging
  • fulfilment

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